The Benefits of Epsom Salts

I have been using Epsom salts for years now and it is such an amazing addition to my skincare routine. It also does wonders for my lifestyle and I cannot see myself not using Epsom Salts now that I know all the amazing benefits. Epsom Salts has 2 main ingredients – magnesium and sulfate. Magnesium is a natural substance that helps many different body functions, including the removal of toxins. While sulfate strengthens the walls of the digestive tract, which aids the release of toxins. Both ingredients are incredibly helpful for the mind and body, which is what makes Epsom Salts so popular.


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The Benefits of Epsom Salts

The benefits of Epsom salts are numerous, but I will mention some of the benefits I have personally experienced.

It soothes the skin

I add a bit of Epsom Salts into my bathwater and it helps soothe my skin. It is great for relieving rough and dry skin. It exfoliates dry skin cells and leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth. I love how amazing my skin feels after a bath with the salts.


It reduces stress

After a long day, one of the fastest ways to relieve yourself is having a warm bath with Epsom Salts. The Epsom Salts helps reduce stress thanks to the Magnesium, which induces sleep and reduces stress. When I needed to recover from a long stressful day, I go have a warm bath with some Epsom Salts. It works every time.


It reduces soreness

If you are struggling with soreness and pains, Epsom salts are great for combating body aches and pains. A quick warm bath with it does the trick!


Removing splinters

Getting rid of splinters can be tricky but it is a lot easier when you soak in warm water and Epsom Salts for a few minutes. This reduces the inflammation and softness the skin, which makes it easier to remove the splinters.


It is worth stocking up on some Epsom salts now that you have heard a few of the amazing benefits. I always make sure I have some Epsom Salts in my bathroom cabinet for when I need it.

Are you a fan of Epsom Salts? Do you have any benefits to share?




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