6 ways to save money on your wedding

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Weddings are always so expensive. It is a special day and worth splurging a little on but it is always good to watch the pennies at the same time. These days, there are lots of ways to save money for your wedding. You don’t have to spend your entire savings to have a good wedding ceremony. Here are 6 ways to save money for your wedding –

Start planning early

The best to save money is to get on top of the planning process quickly. Planning early is a good way to ensure you stick to your budget and it also allows you more time to shop around and find the right vendors for your wedding. If you are doing most of the planning last minute, it is more likely you will spend more than you would have if you had more time.

Pick a date that isn’t in demand

Picking a date that isn’t in demand is a smart way to save some money while planning a wedding. The summer months are usually in demand for weddings. Almost every bride wants a summer wedding. Picking a date outside of the summer months will automatically reduce the cost of your wedding. Also, a weekday wedding will also bring costs even lower. Weekend dates are usually a lot more expensive than weekday weddings.

Put your negotiation hats on

You have to be good at negotiating to get your costs down. Do not be afraid to negotiate with your vendors to ensure you get the best prices for what you need. It is also best to shop around and compare various quotes before picking the vendors you want.

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Save costs on your photography

You save money on your photography wedding costs by getting a good Wedding Photo Swap app to collect and share photos taken by your guests on your wedding day. That way, you get to see loads of all in one place take from different angles. I wish I had a photo-sharing app for my wedding when we got married. It would have been an amazing addition and a cheaper way to get many more photos.

Get prom dresses for your bridal train

Choosing prom dresses for your bridal train is another fab way of saving costs on your wedding day. There are loads of options available in many designs and colours. There are prom dresses for every bridal train. You can also get inspiration from these stylish prom dresses for your wedding dress. You don’t have to spend a huge part of your budget for your wedding dress if you don’t want to. You click here to have a look at some prom dresses to get inspired. There are also loads of prom accessories to choose from to complement the prom dresses.

Reduce your guest list

You don’t have to have the whole world at your wedding. Small intimate weddings are usually a lot more fun, plus they are a lot cheaper to organise. You can slash your costs massively for your venue and catering by just reducing the number of people you invite.

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Weddings are amazing. I love attending them, especially well-planned ceremonies. You never forget a good wedding. Which is why it is so important you ensure your wedding day is remembered for all the right reasons. Being on top of your budget to ensure you don’t go overboard with the spending is crucial. After all, there is a life to live after the wedding.

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How to Have An Intimate Wedding

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Many couples agree that when it comes to weddings; intimate and low-key beats a huge overly fussy event. Couples crave a more personal, intimate celebration with fewer people. It means that there’s more time for you to spend with your guests and really enjoy the day and everyone’s special contributions. So how do you have an intimate wedding? Check out these wedding tips below. 


Set A Smaller Budget

You might want to maximise your budget by having a minimal number of guests. You might prefer a small and cosy lunch at your favourite restaurant with your nearest and dearest than a bland hall full of more than 200 guests that you don’t know very well. Potentially invite only immediate family to the ceremony and have a larger get-together for your friends and colleagues. It might be an idea to even serve smaller ‘finger-food’ plates instead of a lavish sit-down meal. A smaller wedding means not cutting corners, just to ensure that you have a larger turnout. It might be worthwhile considering cutting the guest list in half to ensure that you get all that you’ve envisioned on the day.


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Go All-Out For Your Guests

A small wedding gives you the opportunity to really impress your guests. You can really roll out the red carpet for your guests and give them the VIP treatment. You could put together elaborate gift bags or luxurious spa treatments for them in the lead up to the big day. The limits really are endless. Keeping things small means that all the extra details, that just aren’t possible when the guest list exceeds several pages, are suddenly possible.


Don’t Forget The Details

When planning a small wedding day, be sure to give care when it comes to the finer details. It’s not necessary to hire a wedding consultant or specialist but be aware that tiny little hiccups that may have gone unnoticed at a much larger event will be glaringly obvious at a more intimate do.


Get Some Awesome Entertainment

A fabulous part of having an intimate wedding- everyone can get involved. With fewer people to worry about, you can really go to the effort of making them feel like they are truly a part of your special day and make sure that everyone is having a blast. Don’t want the typical cheesy wedding singer repertoire? Take a look at some Alternative wedding singers, like the ones at this website.  


Have A Destination Wedding

Take advantage of having a small number of your nearest and dearest and plan a destination wedding. Grab a cheap flight over to a Balearic beach or hire out a small cottage in the countryside for the weekend. Stretching out the festivities a few chilled days of eating, drinking and being merry, allows you to relax, and really bond with your guests.

Do you any tips for having an intimate wedding? Please share in the comments section below.

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