6 ways to save money on your wedding

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Weddings are always so expensive. It is a special day and worth splurging a little on but it is always good to watch the pennies at the same time. These days, there are lots of ways to save money for your wedding. You don’t have to spend your entire savings to have a good wedding ceremony. Here are 6 ways to save money for your wedding –

Start planning early

The best to save money is to get on top of the planning process quickly. Planning early is a good way to ensure you stick to your budget and it also allows you more time to shop around and find the right vendors for your wedding. If you are doing most of the planning last minute, it is more likely you will spend more than you would have if you had more time.

Pick a date that isn’t in demand

Picking a date that isn’t in demand is a smart way to save some money while planning a wedding. The summer months are usually in demand for weddings. Almost every bride wants a summer wedding. Picking a date outside of the summer months will automatically reduce the cost of your wedding. Also, a weekday wedding will also bring costs even lower. Weekend dates are usually a lot more expensive than weekday weddings.

Put your negotiation hats on

You have to be good at negotiating to get your costs down. Do not be afraid to negotiate with your vendors to ensure you get the best prices for what you need. It is also best to shop around and compare various quotes before picking the vendors you want.

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Save costs on your photography

You save money on your photography wedding costs by getting a good Wedding Photo Swap app to collect and share photos taken by your guests on your wedding day. That way, you get to see loads of all in one place take from different angles. I wish I had a photo-sharing app for my wedding when we got married. It would have been an amazing addition and a cheaper way to get many more photos.

Get prom dresses for your bridal train

Choosing prom dresses for your bridal train is another fab way of saving costs on your wedding day. There are loads of options available in many designs and colours. There are prom dresses for every bridal train. You can also get inspiration from these stylish prom dresses for your wedding dress. You don’t have to spend a huge part of your budget for your wedding dress if you don’t want to. You click here to have a look at some prom dresses to get inspired. There are also loads of prom accessories to choose from to complement the prom dresses.

Reduce your guest list

You don’t have to have the whole world at your wedding. Small intimate weddings are usually a lot more fun, plus they are a lot cheaper to organise. You can slash your costs massively for your venue and catering by just reducing the number of people you invite.

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Weddings are amazing. I love attending them, especially well-planned ceremonies. You never forget a good wedding. Which is why it is so important you ensure your wedding day is remembered for all the right reasons. Being on top of your budget to ensure you don’t go overboard with the spending is crucial. After all, there is a life to live after the wedding.

What do you think of these 6 ways to save money for your wedding?





How to Speed up the Wedding Prep Process – Follow These 5 Steps

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Your wedding morning is almost here – it’s the culmination of months of preparation, and you’re nervous about it. You have put together every detail meticulously, and have had a few almost-disasters with family or vendors. But have you thought through the last 24 hours leading up to the ceremony? How do you speed up the wedding prep process?

Many brides neglect to plan for their final day of spinsterhood. As a result, they end up frayed, behind-schedule, and panicky on what should be the best day of their lives.

Don’t be caught playing catchup by setting up a minute-by-minute final preparation schedule. Leave room for unexpected events, so you’ll have time to respond calmly and still get to the ceremony on schedule. Below are some tips to help you speed up the wedding prep process.


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1. Don’t Leave for the Morning What Can Be Done In Advance

This is perhaps the most important tip, especially if you have an early wedding. Two days before D-day, you can get a wax job to allow the redness to subside. Then get a spray tan (after the wax!) after your final exfoliation (you should have been following a beauty regimen already).

Gel nails can be done as early as three days prior, so they’re in place for the rehearsal dinner and honeymoon. For regular polish, do it the night before the wedding and make sure to put an extending topcoat to prevent chipping. Apply at-home gloss for extra sheen and have your eyelashes applied if you didn’t have a natural extension treatment.


2. Rest and Eat Well

Sleep on your back with your head and chest slightly elevated to keep the drainage flowing. Take a soothing bath with aromatic candles or essential oils, and have an early night. The bath can help you relax from all the excitement and put you in a sleeping frame. The alone-time doesn’t hurt amid all the buzz either.

If you do meditation or yoga, devote a half-hour in the morning to calm yourself before the preparations. Going in calm, rested, and relaxed will help everything to run faster. Have a layered breakfast that’s filling and minimize the drinking, because of pee breaks.


3. Plan Your Get-Ready Space

If you can, forego the parent’s home, because the house will be so full you won’t have much room for yourself. Instead, get a bridal suite or several adjoining hotel rooms, where you and your girls will have ample space to prepare. The last thing you want is to be fighting for the only bathroom with fifteen other people. 

Additionally, a hotel allows you to give ample space for the hair and makeup technicians to set up their tools. If you have multiple stylists, this works great. Just be sure to carry all the tools and accessories you need and ensure the hotel knows your schedule beforehand. Alternatively, you and the girls can rush to a salon for your beautification before coming home to get dressed. 

As you choose the space, ensure it has plenty of natural light, so that the getting-ready shots will be stunning. Assign all the maids time slots for hair and makeup the night before. If you have more girls, get more stylists. 


4. Lay Out the Clothes and Accessories before Sleeping


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You’ll want everyone’s dresses to hang up in an airy place to allow them to breathe, especially the gown. Lay out your shoes, veil, earrings, necklace, bracelet, and underwear, as well as any lotions or oils you’ll apply. When you get up, all you need is to take a shower and start getting ready.  

Laying out is essential, especially if you’re not at home so that you’re sure you have everything you need. Additionally, once the photographer comes, he/she can quickly get through the detail shots and focus on you and your girls. Lay out the place cards, invitations, rings, bouquet along with your other things. Again, find the spots with the most natural light


5. Consider Your Timelines

Timelines are especially crucial if you don’t have a wedding planner to ensure everything is running on time.

You can designate someone to help you keep things moving, such as a close friend or relative who’s not in the party. If it’s shopping, you can save time by getting all your the necessary stuff from one place, such as  Azazie.

Typically, hair and makeup will take 30-45 minutes per activity and 60-90 minutes for the bride. A practice run with the stylists can help you figure out how best to use the tie slots. 

The bridesmaids should do much of their hair preps the day before the wedding, leaving only touch-ups for the morning. And don’t forget to plan for the mother of the bride too! 



Once you have everything in place, focus on making sure everyone in the party has everything they need. Create a playlist that will clam or relax you or help you have fun with your bridal prep routine. If you start running behind, a wedding coordinator can help you find ways to speed things along. These are the ways to speed up the wedding prep process. 





Top 5 Qualities of a Professional Wedding Planner

When it comes to planning a wedding, it’s all about personalization. Everyone wants their big day to be unique, with everything customized to their needs and tastes. That’s where a professional wedding planner comes in. Choose the wrong one, and you’re destined for failure. The right wedding planner ensures a successful and memorable big day. 

An organizer’s level of creativity is what will help you achieve the wow-effect.  


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Wondering what sets a wedding organizer apart? Here are some top qualities to look for.


Creativity And Innovativeness

Planning a wedding that stands out is not just about your ideas. You need to work with a creative and experienced planner who can build from those ideas and execute them. A great organizer with a reputation for excellence will offer fresh wedding ideas and go a long way to impress you and even exceed your expectations.

According to Sweet Services, a company that offers candy buffets for weddings, a creative event planner works hard to find the best vendors and suppliers to match your wedding ideas. 

A great wedding organizer will provide those brides with alternative ways of finding the perfect wedding dress by recommending an online store, such as this one here, that offers numerous bridal gown styles.



Attention To Detail

A good professional wedding planner should have a dedicated team of experts that is detail-driven. Teamwork is critical in ensuring that everything goes according to plan. You need an organizer with extensive experience with wedding event logistics and one who will go an extra mile to ensure every task runs efficiently.  

There is a lot involved in planning a successful wedding, and anything can go wrong. Many brides forget to include this when it comes to planning a wedding. It’s all about personalization. Everyone wants their big day to be unique, with everything customized to their needs and tastes. That’s where a professional wedding organizer comes in. Choose the wrong one, and you’re destined for failure. The right wedding planner ensures a successful and memorable big day.



Reliable And Organized

For a day that requires multiple tasks to be completed on time, a wedding requires high organizational skills. This is a must have. If your organizer is not reliable and organized or looks confused and overwhelmed, chances are the same qualities will be spread to your big day.

Any successful wedding plan requires a professional organizer who is inventive and resourceful enough to work out and present all critical essentials in one well-organized framework, comfortably within your finances and with a clear understanding of your exact requirements.  



On-time And On Budget

A good wedding organizer is always on time and on-budget with service delivery. This comes with years of experience planning different types of weddings and working with varying budgets. A seasoned wedding planner will offer financial advice, set up workable options and present an impressive wedding package that meets your special needs and budget.

When finding your perfect wedding organizer, look for good negotiation skills. This will help you get the best deals in town without compromising the quality.




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Collaborative And Flexible

While the professional wedding organizer will take care of most of the planning work, you still need to be in charge of the process. Collaboration is key in ensuring a successful event. Is the planner taking your inputs and thoughts seriously? Do they consult you before making decisions? Do you communicate regularly?

Flexibility is also important when it comes to dealing with inconveniences or unexpected disappointments. Does the organizer have a network of reliable service providers you can count on to deliver services?

At the end of the day, choosing a wedding planner with these qualities gives you peace of mind and ensures that you have the best day of your life.


What are your thoughts on these professional wedding planner qualities? Have you used the services of a wedding planner? Please share your experience in the comments section below.


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