7 Tips for Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Photographer

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The task of choosing the best photographers for your wedding is no easy. There are thousands of photographers available and if you are not careful, you might hire a photographer who will only end up disappointing you. Don’t panic though, we have prepared you the best tips for getting a good wedding photographer. Without wasting much of your time, let us get down to it.


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1.You like them in person

Choosing the right photographer for your wedding does not always come down to how good they are technically. You might hire the best photographer in your area but if you don’t feel at ease working with him then his expertise will not be reflected on the photos as you will not be able to enjoy the day as you are supposed to.The best wedding photos needs to look natural and if you are not free with the photographer, you will not be able to pose naturally as you should. Meet a couple of photographers and sure to choose a photographer who you will “click.” You can always tell a person who you like, I don’t really need to get to the details about that. The wedding photographer needs to be passionate and excited as you.


2.You love their style

There are probably hundreds of photographers in your area and each photographer has his or her own style. There are those who are artistic, others are traditional and others are very modern. Find a photographer who has a style that you like and a style that reflects the theme of your wedding day. Make sure that you like the style in which the photographer edits his photos and you love some images that he has done before.


3. Ask to see a complete wedding

While you are looking for the best photographers such as WURE wedding photographer in your area, they are most probably going to show you photos that reflects their best works. If he gives you like 5 photos that are impressive, you will not be able to tell if he is really good. If you love some of their works, then ask to see 2 or 3 complete wedding album that he did to different couples. You are looking consistency and the album that he provides to you needs to tell a beautiful story. But if you like the albums that he provides to you, then he is most probably a good photographer. If the photographer doesn’t have an album for you to see, then he might not be worth hiring.


4. You trust the photographer

Knowing and trusting your photographer will allow you to trust that he is going to do his work the right way. You will be happy and confident about him and if you feel such a thing for a person, then you will be able to pose in any style without fearing that the photographer is going to judge you or anything like that. Also, if something wrong happens during the session, you will be able to ask him no matter how silly it might seem.

How do you know that you can trust the photographer? Well, you really don’t have a lot of time to spend with the photographers so you need to create an automatic connection. After meeting a photographer that you can trust, he or she is going to answer any question that you may have politely no matter how stupid you might think it is. And your gut can always tell you if you can trust the photographer or not.You don’t want to hire a photographer who you will keep worrying about his whereabouts during the wedding day.

After you feel that you can trust the photographer, speak to him about some photos that you may want beforehand and from there you can leave the other things to him to decide. If he has the experience, he will know how to follow the procedure and he will be able to catch those candid moments that you were not even expecting. All you need to do is trust your photographer and everything is going to be alright.


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5. You would recommend the perfect wedding photographer

Another way of knowing that you have found the right photographer is if you would recommend him. Ask yourself if you would ask your friend to hire the photographer should a day come when she needs to hire a wedding photographer. If you are having doubts if you would recommend him or not, then he might not the perfect wedding photographer that you need. Ensure that the person you pick is someone who you trust and someone you can recommend to your friends.


6. Lightning situation of your wedding

Well, you we need to be real a little bit. You can’t just hire a person just because you like him and forget all about the skills. If you are going to be having an indoor wedding, you need to make sure that the wedding photographer you hire has the experience needed to do photography in indoor weddings. Don’t just assume that because he has been doing photography for a long time he has experience in everything. Ask to see some of the photos that he shot in an indoor weeding and if you like the photos then you can go for him. If he doesn’t have any proof that he has done indoor wedding photo shoot before, then you can go for another photographer with experience in low light photography.


7. Price and the offer

When you are looking for the price of the photographer, make sure you check out what he offers too. Look for things like second shooters, engagement session included, JPGs albums and other things that the package might be offering. Also keep it in mind that the most expensive is not always the best and the cheapest is not always the worst. So choose wisely the package you go for.


Do you have any extra tips for choosing the perfect wedding photographer? Please sound off in the comments section below.

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How to Speed up the Wedding Prep Process – Follow These 5 Steps

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Your wedding morning is almost here – it’s the culmination of months of preparation, and you’re nervous about it. You have put together every detail meticulously, and have had a few almost-disasters with family or vendors. But have you thought through the last 24 hours leading up to the ceremony? How do you speed up the wedding prep process?

Many brides neglect to plan for their final day of spinsterhood. As a result, they end up frayed, behind-schedule, and panicky on what should be the best day of their lives.

Don’t be caught playing catchup by setting up a minute-by-minute final preparation schedule. Leave room for unexpected events, so you’ll have time to respond calmly and still get to the ceremony on schedule. Below are some tips to help you speed up the wedding prep process.


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1. Don’t Leave for the Morning What Can Be Done In Advance

This is perhaps the most important tip, especially if you have an early wedding. Two days before D-day, you can get a wax job to allow the redness to subside. Then get a spray tan (after the wax!) after your final exfoliation (you should have been following a beauty regimen already).

Gel nails can be done as early as three days prior, so they’re in place for the rehearsal dinner and honeymoon. For regular polish, do it the night before the wedding and make sure to put an extending topcoat to prevent chipping. Apply at-home gloss for extra sheen and have your eyelashes applied if you didn’t have a natural extension treatment.


2. Rest and Eat Well

Sleep on your back with your head and chest slightly elevated to keep the drainage flowing. Take a soothing bath with aromatic candles or essential oils, and have an early night. The bath can help you relax from all the excitement and put you in a sleeping frame. The alone-time doesn’t hurt amid all the buzz either.

If you do meditation or yoga, devote a half-hour in the morning to calm yourself before the preparations. Going in calm, rested, and relaxed will help everything to run faster. Have a layered breakfast that’s filling and minimize the drinking, because of pee breaks.


3. Plan Your Get-Ready Space

If you can, forego the parent’s home, because the house will be so full you won’t have much room for yourself. Instead, get a bridal suite or several adjoining hotel rooms, where you and your girls will have ample space to prepare. The last thing you want is to be fighting for the only bathroom with fifteen other people. 

Additionally, a hotel allows you to give ample space for the hair and makeup technicians to set up their tools. If you have multiple stylists, this works great. Just be sure to carry all the tools and accessories you need and ensure the hotel knows your schedule beforehand. Alternatively, you and the girls can rush to a salon for your beautification before coming home to get dressed. 

As you choose the space, ensure it has plenty of natural light, so that the getting-ready shots will be stunning. Assign all the maids time slots for hair and makeup the night before. If you have more girls, get more stylists. 


4. Lay Out the Clothes and Accessories before Sleeping


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You’ll want everyone’s dresses to hang up in an airy place to allow them to breathe, especially the gown. Lay out your shoes, veil, earrings, necklace, bracelet, and underwear, as well as any lotions or oils you’ll apply. When you get up, all you need is to take a shower and start getting ready.  

Laying out is essential, especially if you’re not at home so that you’re sure you have everything you need. Additionally, once the photographer comes, he/she can quickly get through the detail shots and focus on you and your girls. Lay out the place cards, invitations, rings, bouquet along with your other things. Again, find the spots with the most natural light


5. Consider Your Timelines

Timelines are especially crucial if you don’t have a wedding planner to ensure everything is running on time.

You can designate someone to help you keep things moving, such as a close friend or relative who’s not in the party. If it’s shopping, you can save time by getting all your the necessary stuff from one place, such as  Azazie.

Typically, hair and makeup will take 30-45 minutes per activity and 60-90 minutes for the bride. A practice run with the stylists can help you figure out how best to use the tie slots. 

The bridesmaids should do much of their hair preps the day before the wedding, leaving only touch-ups for the morning. And don’t forget to plan for the mother of the bride too! 



Once you have everything in place, focus on making sure everyone in the party has everything they need. Create a playlist that will clam or relax you or help you have fun with your bridal prep routine. If you start running behind, a wedding coordinator can help you find ways to speed things along. These are the ways to speed up the wedding prep process. 





Where to Shop for a Mother of the Bride Dress

I love weddings. There is something about the event that gets me feeling all excited. The last wedding I attended was over a year ago in Ireland, and I still remember what I wore. It was my younger brother getting married, so I had to show up looking proper glam. It was a small intimate wedding, and I still enjoy looking at the pictures. The wedding season is almost here with spring finally making an appearance. So new wedding dresses and accessories are hitting the stores shortly. We have a friend’s wedding in the summer so I have started thinking of what to wear. The mother of the bride (Kathy) is a good friend of mine, and she has asked me to look around for a mother of the bride dress for her.

Kathy is quite conservative, so she would ideally prefer a knee-length dress or above the knee. She would also need her outfit to come with a matching bolero. With these information in mind, I went shopping online. I have found some amazing ideas for a mother of the bride dress. Here are a few of them that caught my eye.


John Charles Mother of the Bride Dress

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This dress and bolero jacket is an amazing dress idea for a mother of the bride. I adore the subtle sparkle Jacquard fabric. It comes in such a beautiful shade and design.

The fact that this piece comes with a matching bolero and will sit below the knee would make it a hit with many conservative mothers.


Condici Cobalt Dress

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This stunning Cobalt dress by Condici is such a lovely idea for a mother of the bride. I adore the shade of blue, it is one of my favourite colours. The design is also great. It is a sleeveless dress with a V neckline and sequin applique under the bustline.

The piece is knee-length which means it would be quite popular with many bride’s mothers. I like the matching silk bolero and elegant fascinator the model has on.


Ian Stuart Jardin Taffeta Tea Dress


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I really like this Jardin Taffeta Tea Dress by Ian Stuart. The crossover V neckline is a great design. The beaded metallic lace detailing to the waist looks so beautiful.

Kathy would love this dress for sure. I think it would suit her fair skin tone and her figure beautifully.


Ispirato Printed Dress with Matching Jacket in Shard/Musk


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This Printed Dress with Matching Jacket in Shard/Musk by Ispirato would be a popular piece for sure this wedding season. It is such a beautiful piece with a rounded neckline with beaded detailing and semi-capped sleeves.

I see Kathy loving this outfit as well. It will sit below the knee, and the bolero jacket has a high collar and 3/4 length sleeves, which I know she would love.


Ronald Joyce 50’s Style Tea Dress and Jacket

Mother of the bride outfit image


I saved the best for last with this 50’s Style Tea Dress and Jacket by Ronald Joyce. This is hands down my favourite dress from this list. I wonder if Kathy would agree with me.

The shade of blue is beautiful, and so is the print and the fitted bodice. The length will sit below the knee, which is great. The matching jacket has a shawl collar and 3/4 length sleeves. I think it would make a stylish mother of the day dress.


What do you think of these mother of the bride/groom dresses? Which is your favourite look? Do you have any weddings this summer? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. Also, share this post on your social media platforms if you enjoyed reading it.

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