Six Break The Bank Pieces

These pieces are super luxurious items worth over £1,000 and above. They cannot be on any wish list because of the heavy price tags but they are definitely worth lusting after. Here are six break the bank pieces:

Balmain Printed Cotton-Blend Blazer £1,305


Stella McCartney Houndstooth Wool Blanket Coat £2,135

Stella McCartney

Lanvin Metallic Mini Dress £2,425


Dolce & Gabbana Lace Top £1,050

Dolce & Gabbana

Herve Leger Sara Strapless Gown £1,495

Herve Leger

Saint Laurent Leather Biker Jacket £3,100



Lingerie Shopping This Christmas


What we wear underneath our clothes are so very important, they are equally as important as our clothes, if not more. The right underwear can give you the confidence and pose to step out looking irresistible. The right underwear can take your outfit to greater heights, while the wrong set of underwear can ruin the entire look.

Nothing worse than having the line of your panties show when you have your skin-tight, pencil skirt on, or having your girdle or waist shaper show underneath your blouse. The dress up game definitely begins in the lingerie drawer. Here are some points to remember when shopping for the right lingerie this Christmas.

  • Try It On


Apart from panties, it is hygienic and important to try on every underwear in store before purchase. Don’t just assume it will fit. Different sizes mean different fits in various stores, so try it on before you part with your cash.

  • Arrange A Bra Fitting


Some of us have been wearing the same bra size for donkey years now. When next you go shopping, get a bra fitting to make sure your bra size is still your size. M & S, Debenhams and other lingerie stores provide this service for free. Also, make sure you have various bra  styles and designs in your lingerie drawer. This will ensure you have the right bra for every outfit. Backless, strapless, t-shirt, push-up, minimizer, are some of the various styles you could opt for, depending on your bust shape and size.

  • Panties


These are daily essentials and you should aim to have as many as possible (or at least 15 pairs) in various styles. Classic, bikini, boyshorts and high cut briefs are some of the styles in vogue now. M&S and Debenhams have some amazing and affordable sets you can grab this Christmas. I find myself going for the classic styles now, boring but super comfortable. I opt for the G-strings and Thongs when the outfit permits.

  • Waist Trainers/Shapers


These waist trainers/shapers seem to be everywhere at the moment. Different brands promising all sorts of magical transformations, and celebrities like Kim Kadashian endorsing them, the craze is on. I am yet to try them so I cannot comment on any of them, but if you want to join the race, try it on in store to ensure you are comfortable. I have seen some women look really uncomfortable in them, and I mean they were unable to eat, drink or sit. Also, just like you will do with a girdle, check to make sure the fabric is smooth and sturdy to ensure it can’t be seen through your outfit.

  • Tights


Tights are needed in the lingerie drawer. It is best to have various designs and colours, if you like, to go for the different seasons and outfits. I am patiently waiting for nude tights for black women. There is none in the market at the moment and I was hoping to see Bianca Miller (Apprentice UK 2014) win this year edition of The Apprentice and get Lord Sugar’s £250,000 investment for her hosiery business which should cater for the dark-skinned woman. Bianca did not win but I guess I will be seeing those tights in the market real soon.

Which piece will you be shopping for this season?

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