What Is Your Personal Style?

Personal styles usually fall into the casual, classic, feminine or expressive look. Lets look into these looks in more detail, shall we:

The Casual Personal Style

Ladies with a casual personal style usually prefer relaxed and comfortable clothing and little or no accessories or makeup. This leaves the casual styled woman looking massively under-dressed.

Personal style

Most women will have a bit of the casual personal style. I for one usually go for this look when I am lazing about at home, or going for a walk, but when it is time to hit the road, I get dolled up.

The Classic Personal Style

Women with the classic personal style usually go for simple pieces and accessories. They also tend to like neutral colours like black, white, navy blue and so on.


Hairstyles are usually kept simple with minimal make-up.

The Feminine Personal Style

The feminine woman goes for soft colours, small prints, florals, lacey designs. fine jewellery and soft make-up.


This woman is all about being girly and feminine, most of the time.

The Expressive Personal Style

The expressive styled woman is very unique and full of life. She goes for fun and interesting designs and colours, which reflect her vibrant personality.


This woman goes for bold and contrasting colours, interesting and over the top accessories, modern hairstyles and full-on make-up.

Which woman are you?


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