How Kylie Jenner Got Fuller Lips


The 17-year-old soon to be 18 years old as we are always being reminded Kylie Jenner  has so many looks, it’s is difficult to keep up with her. One minute, she has full pouty lips, the next minute her hair is in locs, short, or has gone blue. Kylie Jenner is a beautiful girl, but her many looks can be a bit confusing. Sometimes, it can be very difficult recognising her.

Kylie Jenner’s Instagram page can leave you a little confused with her ever-changing looks. There has been some controvery recently, surronding her sudden pouty lips, with many stating she has had some work done on them. Kylie Jenner claims her new lips are a result of a new lip product called Lipsation. On her blog she states,

“I couldn’t believe how easy it was. I didn’t have to inject anything or go under the knife, but my lips doubled in size without any effort. I love this stuff! Finally a product that just works.”

Here are some of her recent famous looks with the new lips






Do you think it’s Lipsation going on here or some good old Plastic Surgery?

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