7 Photography Tips For Fashion Blogging

Fashion blogging and photography go hand in hand, you cannot have one without the other. To succeed in the blogging world, especially the fashion blogging world, you must at least have a point and shoot camera, know how to operate it, and be able to edit your pictures using some kind of software when necessary.


You can get away with using a point and shoot camera as long as you can optimise it fully. I am by no means a pro when it comes to photography but myself and my DH are improving every day. Here are some tips you may find useful:

  • Before investing in an expensive DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex), start off with a point and shoot to brush up your photography skills. When you do decide to invest in a DSLR, you will be a pro and your old point and shoot camera can serve as a back up.
  • Have a willingly photographer or invest in a tripod.I will recommend a human photographer rather than a tripod. Humans are more flexible, and you are likely to get better pictures than when you use a tripod.
  • Invest in a photo editing software. My current favourites are Lightroom and Photoshop Elements. I noticed a significant change in the quality of my photographs since I started taking time to edit them properly. The main issue with Adobe editing software is the cost,they are quite expensive, so try editing with the free Picasa and others first. Your pictures will thank you for it.


  • For outfit pictures, apply a little bit more makeup than you would normally. This is the greatest advice a fellow blogger gave me and my pictures look so much better now. Your makeup could get lost in bad lighting or flash, so an extra layer of foundation, powder and an extra coat of lipstick could do the trick. I will advise applying your makeup with the outdoor light, and do be careful with this tip so you don’t end up looking like a drag queen. Take a Selfie after applying your makeup just so you have a clear picture.
  • Please take your outfit pictures outside. Nothing puts me off more than outfit indoor pictures. I must confess I use to take outfit pictures indoors when the weather was bad, if you dig into my archives, you will find the embarrassing posts, but I no longer take indoor posts because there is nothing like the beauty of natural light.
  • Aim to take your outfit pictures at the Golden Hour. The Golden Hour sometimes known as the Magic Hour is the period shortly after sunrise and or before sunset. There is no better time to get snapping, make the most of it.
  • Avoid taking your outfit pictures with the flash if you can. You can only follow this tip if you have a very good DSLR; you will be needing the flash with point and shoot cameras. You will also need to have good natural light as well. Natural light is the best when it comes to outfit posts.

That’s all folks. Do you have any photography tip that works for you, that has been mentioned already? Do share.

Thanks for reading and happy snapping.

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  1. Great tips, thank you! I know using the flash seems easier and makes your skin look better, but I too have noticed the huge difference when I am not using it. I try to avoid it, it looks horrible to me now xx

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