To Contour Or Not To Contour?

In light of the recent Vogue Festival 2015 discussions, I now find myself questioning all I know about makeup and contour, thanks to Bobbi Brown’s speech at the event. I did not attend the Vogue Festival event but it is quite difficult to ignore it, with details of the show being all over the blogosphere.


Picture Source: Vogue UK

Bobbi Brown believes contouring is unnatural and should not be done. Here is one of her quotes from her talk at the event:

“I don’t get this whole contouring thing. I think I’m probably the only makeup artist who feels this way. And I know some of my artists contour with my products and don’t tell me about it. But contouring just says that there’s something wrong with the way you look. I like to enhance natural beauty and not try to change someone.”


For those who don’t know, contouring is a technique that helps to define your facial features, creating the appearance of higher cheekbones and slimmer chin, using the right beauty products. Now here is my take on this, I am no makeup artist or expert, and I respect Bobbi Brown as a makeup guru, but as a woman who applies makeup, I don’t see contouring as unnatural. Some women will need the contouring technique more than others, and some will just want the contour makeup to enhance or add more definition to their facial features, I don’t see that as unnatural. If that is unnatural, then the whole makeup act is unnatural because the right makeup is meant to do the exact same thing, the contouring technique is just a more concentrated and strategic application of makeup, in my own opinion.

Do you agree with Bobbi Brown or with me? To contour not to contour? What are your thoughts on this?

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  1. So, I’m going to start by saying that when I first started experimenting with makeup in the early 2000s, I clearly remember magazines proclaiming that contouring was out of fashion. I was sort of biased against it when it made a comeback. Maybe I’m no good at contouring, but I feel like it just looks like too much makeup on me. I “contour” just by applying a bit of bronzer. That being said, I think if you like it, go for it. Kim K and plenty of other women look great with contour. Like you said, it’s not any more unnatural than any other makeup

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  3. I see contouring as a must have for those with:
    long faces
    tall forehead or short hairline
    wide faces
    double chin
    wide nose.
    I’m average, I have nothing to correct. I rather do a 1 minute face massage, which will improve my face tonus and shape, rather than spend minutes in the mirror with those contouring products, every day! I prefer to invest the time in more lasting results than shadows on my face.

    Also, is there any spot left on their face to see the foundation?
    Call me crazy, but why apply concealer, foundation and then highlighter under the eye area? And then some powder and then some more powder? Such a delicate skin there to be built up with 5 products??? That’s crazy!

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