Fashion Criminal – Leigh Francis aka Keith Lemon

So I am starting a new blog series titled Fashion Criminal. This weekly blog series will feature celebrities committing fashion crimes all over the web.

Leigh Francis, better known as Keith Lemon is our first fashion criminal on Fashion and Style Police.

The World Premiere of

Leigh Francis is an English entertainer, best known for creating Channel 4’s Bo Selecta and portraying Keith Lemon in several ITV shows here in the UK. Leigh Francis wears a lot of loud shirts and bright colours with statement suits. Although statement suits and loud shirts are trendy at the moment, wearing them all together is not.

The fashion rule is when you wear a loud piece, everything else has to be understated. Leigh Francis has broken this rule multiple times.



Leigh Francis’ image is out of style and it does not flatter his natural blonde colouring, and his body shape. He urgently needs my expert styling services, and is sentenced to a makeover session.  Leigh Francis can be funny and stylish at the same time by looking simple. Looking simple is about bridging the gap between distinction and discretion. Simple is strong and masculine. Simple means you are the one getting the attention, not the clothes. Simple is about understated clothes and accessories worn with confidence.

I will style our fashion criminal; Leigh Francis, with dark and neutral colours, but with a pop of colour to wake up his look depending on the occasion or TV show. I will aim to have him in mainly plain leather, cotton and wool fabrics. There can be patterns in his outfits; but they will be restrained, there will be colours; but they will be muted, they will be accessories; but they will be functional.

I believe Leigh Francis or Keith Lemon can pull this off effortlessly because he has the charisma to pull anything off. Do you agree? Sound off in the comment section. Thanks for reading.

10 Business Lessons From Chanel

Chanel has successfully appealed to its target market. So the question is, why has Chanel succeeded where other brands and businesses have not? What is the brand doing differently, to ensure she stands out from her peers. Here are my ten big takes from the Chanel story. They are important lessons for other brands, bloggers and entrepreneurs  to future-proof their business. Bloggers, brands, designers and entrepreneurs should be able to relate with this post.

House of Chanel

1. Recognise what is missing in your market, and use it to your advantage.

2. Be competitive and distinct. Bring something different to the table.

3. Meet the needs of your clients, customers or readers. Find out what they need to read, or wear, and deliver.

4. Live your brand story without hesitation.

5. Never be complacent. Remember pride comes before  fall.

6. Keep your customers and readers curious. Be a little unpredictable every now and again.

7. Know your history, but don’t be a slave to it.

8. Work within the absolutes of your philosophy.

9. Recognise what those who are loyal to you, really love about you.

10. Understand what is timeless about what you offer and what is not.


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