6 Makeup Tricks That Make You Look Older and How to Avoid Them

The wonders makeup can do to your appearance! I’m still amazed when I watch the transformation makeup artists put their clients through with a touch of makeup.

There are so many tutorials out there that make re-creating the youthful look very simple. However, they do come with their mishaps. Often times such blunders can make you look a lot older than your age. Here are some makeup tricks that make you look older and how to avoid them.


Applying primer

Ever wondered what makes people’s makeup look dull after a long day? It could be because they are not using a primer.


Primer makeup image


Using a primer will help make your makeup last throughout the day. A good primer keeps your makeup as fresh as it looked when you started off your day. Without a primer, the makeup will wear away thereby revealing the imperfections such as uneven skin tone or fine lines.



Contouring is a popular makeup trend as when done properly, it can make you look younger. However, when you overdo the contouring your appearance will transition from youthful to old as such contouring will only highlight your ageing lines. At the end of the day, too much definition isn’t good.


Contour Image


The best way to solve this is to always blend the contour to make it more natural. When you blend the contour in properly you will have that youthful appearance.


Fashion Blogging Picture




A beautiful glow is synonymous with looking young. Highlighting in the right places can make you look amazing. However, women often make the mistake in highlighting in less flattering areas on the face thereby adding more years to their appearance.

When highlighting, stay clear of the brow bone as that pulls down your eyes. Also avoid the crease at your eyes and the smile lines as that brings in a lot of focus to the wrinkles and fine lines. Instead focus the highlights in more taut areas of your face like your cheek bones and the bridge of your nose.


Applying mascara

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. Mascara helps to show off the beauty hidden in your eyes as well as make your eyes appear larger and more alluring. It also helps to define the eyelashes, that’s why it’s good to put mascara on both the top and bottom eyelashes.

However, some women overdo the mascara on the bottom eyelashes. This immediately gives an illusion of having dark circles around your eyes thereby making them look older. When applying mascara brush it lightly on the bottom lashes.



UK Blogger image



Dark lipstick

Who wouldn’t want to wear the bold red lipstick? But the truth is that many women get it wrong and in the process apply too much lipstick thereby making it look so thick and unnatural .

To get this look right, line your lips with a lip pencil. Next, fill in the outline with a lipstick shade slightly darker than the lip pencil and then finish off with a tinted gloss. This sort of makeup would make you appear a lot younger.


Using eyeliner on the bottom lid

This is a trend that I have been seeing a lot on social media. Using eyeliner can make your eyes lively and brighter, however, your choice of colour can make a huge difference.

A black eyeliner on the bottom eyelid will make your eyes look smaller and it makes the creases around your eyes more visible.

To properly create that youthful look, switch from using black coloured eyeliner to a brown coloured one and finish off by blending in a brown eyeshadow from the inner to the outer part of your eyes. Depending on your skin colour you may decide to go for white or nude coloured eyeliner.


Do you have any tried and tested makeup trick to share? Please do so in the comments section below.



Contouring & Highlighting Like Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Contouring

No one contours and highlights like Kim Kardashian, like she is the Queen Mother of the technique. If she released a contour kit today, it will sell out instantly, because herself and her makeup team know their onions as far as contouring and highlighting are concerned. So don’t be surprised if a Kim Kardashian Kontour Kit pops anytime from now. Kim I know you Google yourself, so if you are reading this, get in there and cash in.

Now this makeup technique has been around forever, we just didn’t have a name for it until some years ago. Thanks to social media and reality TV, contouring is now a big deal. Just like weaves and cornrows have been around for centuries, only for the Kardashians to think they discovered it by naming it Boxer Braids, same thing with contour and highlight.

The simple definition of contouring and highlighting is shading areas where you would like to reshape or define, with a product (could be a contour kit, blush, foundation or concealer) that is 2 shades darker than the natural skin tone, to contour and another that is 2 shades lighter than the natural skin tone to highlight. Areas like the nose, cheekbones, forehead and chin, are the usual spots. Highlighting balances contouring by drawing attention to the parts of your face that naturally catch the light, like the top of your cheekbones, around the eyes, chin and forehead.

Back in the day, this makeup skill was done with foundations, blush and concealers, but now we have the contour kits around. I am no pro, but I still contour with my blush, foundation and concealer, I have various shades of them, so it works perfectly for me. However some makeup artists and celebrities are against the contour and highlight technique, they see it as unnatural. Bobbi Brown does not hide the fact that she is against the technique, as she sees it as unnatural.

“I don’t get this whole contouring thing. I think I’m probably the only makeup artist who feels this way. And I know some of my artists contour with my products and don’t tell me about it. But contouring just says that there’s something wrong with the way you look. I like to enhance natural beauty and not try to change someone.” – Bobbi Brown

I see where she is coming from, many fo us have overboard with the contour and highlight technique, we are hardly recognisable these days. However, I do like it when it is done correctly and in moderation.



Here are 5 contour and highlight tips I have learnt along the way –


Foundations, Blushes & Concealers Do The Job

Foundations and concealesr do the job perfectly. I use them in various shades, for various parts of my makeup, and I have had no reason to cough out more money for a contour kit. I think the whole contour kit marketing is a ploy to make us spend more money buying a different version of what we have already in our makeup bags.


It is All in The Blend

The perfect contour and highlight would look a mess without the right blending. At the moment, I use a blending brush and a regular cheap sponge to blend, but I am contemplating getting one of those fancy blending sponges, I see around. Have you use any blending sponge you can vouch for?


Contouring The Cheekbones

If you are not sure where to contour with the cheekbones, try sucking in your cheeks, to see exactly where to put the contour line.


Open Your Eyes

Add a dot of a cream highlighter or concealer in the inner corner of the eyes and blend in. Then add a dab of cream highlighter or concealer on the brow bone and in a V-shape on the forehead, between the eyebrows, and blend in.


Don’t Forget Your Neck

Don’t forget your neck when blending in. Make sure the tone fits in with your face.


What do you think of contouring and highlighting? Do you have any tips to share?






To Contour Or Not To Contour?

In light of the recent Vogue Festival 2015 discussions, I now find myself questioning all I know about makeup and contour, thanks to Bobbi Brown’s speech at the event. I did not attend the Vogue Festival event but it is quite difficult to ignore it, with details of the show being all over the blogosphere.


Picture Source: Vogue UK

Bobbi Brown believes contouring is unnatural and should not be done. Here is one of her quotes from her talk at the event:

“I don’t get this whole contouring thing. I think I’m probably the only makeup artist who feels this way. And I know some of my artists contour with my products and don’t tell me about it. But contouring just says that there’s something wrong with the way you look. I like to enhance natural beauty and not try to change someone.”


For those who don’t know, contouring is a technique that helps to define your facial features, creating the appearance of higher cheekbones and slimmer chin, using the right beauty products. Now here is my take on this, I am no makeup artist or expert, and I respect Bobbi Brown as a makeup guru, but as a woman who applies makeup, I don’t see contouring as unnatural. Some women will need the contouring technique more than others, and some will just want the contour makeup to enhance or add more definition to their facial features, I don’t see that as unnatural. If that is unnatural, then the whole makeup act is unnatural because the right makeup is meant to do the exact same thing, the contouring technique is just a more concentrated and strategic application of makeup, in my own opinion.

Do you agree with Bobbi Brown or with me? To contour not to contour? What are your thoughts on this?

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