The Style Icons – Mary-Kate Olsen & Ashley Olsen

I just took a ‘Who Is Your Style Icon’ test on Buzzfeed and my result was a SOLANGE. Now why am I not surprised with the result at all?

Who Is Your Style Icon?

  1. You got: Solange

    You’ve got amazing boho-chic style, and work bright colors and bold patterns and prints like no other.

Now I am not sure about the working of bold patterns and prints bit, I usually shy away from prints as much as I can but I love Solange’s style so I guess there is a bit of her in me. She is a Style Icon and a Beauty Muse.

Now to the style icons of the week, say hello to the stylish Olsen Twins – Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen.


The multi-millionaire Olsen twins need no introduction. They have taken the fashion industry by storm and they are not stopping anytime soon. I have been a fan of their style for as long as I can remember and they always step up their game every time they step out. These women are trend setters in the fashion industry and I am interested in every accessory and piece I see on them.


Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen refuse to be defined by fashion or style rules; they break fashion rules quite regularly but it works for them. They make fashions donts doable if that makes sense. Their signature styles amaze me.


The Olsen twins are regularly spotted wearing neutral pieces and little or no makeup. Their signature style is boho-chic, minimalistic, and always fearless. They take fashion risks on and off the red carpet, they know what pieces and colours suit them best and they stick to them religiously.


Whenever this fashion twosome are spotted rocking a trend, they make the rest of us want to wear it by putting a stylish and current spin on it. They rock my style world.

What do you think of their style? Sound off in the comment section pls.

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  1. I love these two! I remember them doing the whole shabby chic thing a few years ago with oversized sunglasses. They are definitely in my list of style icons.

  2. I love the twins best when they are doing their ‘Gothic Queen of the Damned’ All Black ensembles, they rock this look like no other. I mean, I bought a dress from called the ‘Olsen Twins dress’ its a strappy black long number with layers and high slits and whenever i wear it, its my ode to them!

  3. Grew up watching their tv shows and movies, i was pretty much obsessed with them and even more so when they started taking the fashion world by storm, they’re style is amazing!

  4. Wow! What a blast from the past! I used to love watching these girls when I was younger, my favourite show was ”Two Of A Kind” I have even just YouTubed it but sadly I can’t find it. They have always been style icons and seem to manage to rock any trend! Girl power

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