Product Review: Vita Coco Coconut Oil

I was sent this Vita Coco Coconut Oil to review some weeks ago, it has been tried and tested and it has a 100% pass mark from me but before I jump right into it, let me tell you a bit about this product.


Here is what Vita Coco has to say about this Extra Virgin 100% Raw Coconut Oil:

Vita Coco, the company who first brought us delicious tasting coconut water, now brings to our shores its own brand of 100% Organic Coconut Oil. Cold pressed from Organic coconuts, 100% raw and extra virgin, this new addition to the Vita Coco Family is the perfect cooking oil and goes a long way to rescuing dry skin and hair – that’s why people swear by it!

So after some weeks of using this coconut oil almost every day, here are my thoughts on the product:


  1. This coconut oil is a natural multi-tasker and a good value for money. It can be used from the bathroom to the kitchen, for baking, moisturising, hair conditioning, makeup removal, cooking, you name it, it can do it.

2. Say goodbye to dry skin with this coconut oil. It is a perfect body moisturiser. I have been using it along with my body lotion, everyday for weeks now, and I can see a noticeable difference in my skin. My skin is now smooth and supple.

3. I use it as a weekly hair conditioner. I apply some of it to my hair after washing with a shampoo and I leave in for about 2/3 hours, before rinsing off with a shampoo. It has brought my hair back to life literally. My hair is now growing at a terrific rate, it has stopped breaking and it is no longer as weak and brittle as it used to be.

4. I use this coconut oil as a makeup remover. I apply on my face with a cotton wool and it removes every trace of makeup except waterproof mascara.

5. I love the smell of this coconut oil. It has a sweet, refreshing fragrance, just like a coconut.

6. This coconut oil also serves as my lip balm and it soothes my lips.

7. I love the fact that this Vita Coco coconut oil is readily available in various stores.




Sorry but I can’t fault this product. It is one of the best products I have had the privilege of reviewing this year. If in doubt, just Google up the benefits of the coconut oil, or better still, try this Vita Coco Coconut Oil for yourself, you can grab the 250ml for £5.99 at Tesco, Amazon, Boots, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Waitrose and many more stores.


I love this product. This is the best hair conditioner and skin moisturiser ever. #swearbyit

Have you tried this Vita Coco Coconut Oil? Tell me how you #swear by it. Sound off in the comment section. Thanks for reading.

PS: This product can be used for cooking and baking as well, there are various recipes online but I didn’t use it the kitchen. I am sure it will taste yummy though.

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  1. How did I not though vita coco did a coconut oil as well. I use coconut oil head to toe on my daughter and I can really see a difference especially with her hair. I also use the oil whilst cooking whilst which is much healthier than coconut cream

  2. All your writeup on coconut oil is perfectly correct. I have been using it for a while and it is wonderful. I use it for cooking, my hair and skin. The result is beautiful. My skin is glowing and my hair has improved.

  3. Coconut oil is pretty much the only oil I cook with, and always have a tub in the bathroom! I haven’t tried the Vita Coco one yet though, might have to give it a try x

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