Balmain X H&M Collection Craziness

So I didn’t get a Balmain x H&M piece, and to be honest I couldn’t be bothered to even try that much. It was impossible for myself or anyone I knew to get on the site all through yesterday, the site crashed as soon as the collection went live at 8.00am, and now I have discovered most pieces are sold out already, and now selling on eBay and I am like, what?


I also read online that many people camped outside the H&M stores in London overnight and I can’t understand why anyone would do that, except it is a business decison and you plan to sell whatever you get online. I have stayed outside a Next store few hours before 9:00am on a Boxing Day and that is the craziest shopping thing I have ever done. It was also many moons ago, when I was single and free, I can’t imagine doing that now.

I need to understand why everyone is so crazy about the Balmain x H&M collection? The craze this time is even more than the Alexander Wang x H&M collection that happened some years ago, and I just don’t get it.

I saw a video on Youtube some days ago and it was madness, the rush to grab clothes off the racks, they were not even checking for sizes and all, they were just grabbing. Most of these grabbers are not die-hard fashion fans, because most of these pieces have ended up on eBay for over £200 or more and that is a FACT. I find this so very annoying, when people who want to wear the pieces cannot get them, and people who just want to make money off the brand do get them, but I guess H&M/Balmain don’t care as long as they are smiling all the way to the bank. It is a sad time for the ‘real’ fashion lovers.

Anyways, over to you, were you lucky enough to get a piece(s) from the collection? What do you think of this craziness? Sound off in the comment section.

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  1. Checked the website twice… half an hour after it went online and a few hours later… then I saw that most items were sold out. I liked a few items though. That green handbag was so beautiful! And that golden sweater, black booties with a golden tip… and some other stuff as well. Oh well… I’ll buy something else 🙂

  2. Sadly, I’ve just come to assume that I will never actually own anything from these collections, given my geographic location and unwillingness to line up for hours on end. Sure, they made money but it alienates a good deal of customers. This is the Lilly Pulitzer for Target all over again 🙁

  3. I honestly didn’t understand the fuss and I still don’t. They could be giving away free cars and I wouldn’t line up for hours and run like a crazy lady. haha I think H&M just thought about money and not the craziness.

  4. I hate people who buy to sell on. Fine, if you buy something for yourself and then don’t like it, then offer it to friends and family at cost-thats no problem, But to make a huge profit-ugh, no it doesn’t sit right with me.

  5. I am so annoyed by the whole Balmain x HnM situation as well. I saw the video and a lot of people have been talking about how rude the whole thing was. I think the camping out part was a bit too much for clothes that were literally being snatched out of the shelves.


  6. I think the craziness is just that…crazy. It’s ridiculous. I myself am not into h&m and stores like it, I prefer alternative fashion and you never see this kind of craziness online or at a shop. I despise those that buy to sell on, clothes, concert/show tickets, makeup etc, it’s like with Jeffree Star Cosmetics, he saw this was happening and put a cap on how many one person can buy of his lipsticks to try and put a stop to it all.

  7. This is very true!!! I was feeling the same way yesterday morning. Today they do sell some last pieces online just for maybe 20 minutes. I have a bag now from the collection. Yay… But to be honest they way they throw fashion into the world is not the reason fashion was made for! My opinion…. So great Blogpost from you! 😉 Xo Sarah

  8. I completely agree – I have much better ways to spend my time than pushing and shoving others for clothes! I don’t even really like the look of any of the pieces I have seen.

  9. WOW, that is scary. I have never camped outside of a shop for anything (only gig tickets, but I was 15). I seriously fail to see the hype in things like this. Today’s hot thing will be tomorrow’s charity shop bag. I do think it’s sad that those who actually want the items can’t because of people out to make money

  10. I’ve never understood people who camp outside Next or whatever for the sale – unless, as you say, they are buying them to sell on. I remember when people used to camp outside Harrods on Christmas Day – I always thought they were mad as well!

  11. I’m not a fan of clothes shopping and would never camp outdoors just to snag the newest collection (especially since I don’t do crowds) Can’t understand why some people do it.

  12. H&M doesn’t sell online in Ireland that’s one. The only store that sells is in the Capital city so for me, I couldn’t be bothered too.
    I would rather have what is not on trend and too popular. That’s just me.
    People want it because it is designer for less and one of Kim K’s fav designer; I may be wrong though.

  13. I must the collection was so beautiful but no one clothing piece or accessory is worth to go throught that (oh, the video). I personally don’t like when people go and grab everything around them just to few hours later sell it on ebay.

  14. Hahahaha I can’t biko. For what now? Pls I will pass. There are other numerous beautiful things to purchase with my money without the craziness.

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