Karlie Kloss Covers British Vogue December 2015


I am loving this cover and the cover girl – Karlie Kloss. I have had my fashion eye on this supermodel for some years now and I admire everything about her. She is a woman on a mission, and she is not backing down anytime soon.

“About two years ago I started to think about what happens to me next. I’m a 23-year-old model and I want to think less about my looks and more about my future, and that involves my brain. I want to run companies, have a business future,” she explained. “Call me a nerd, but I love coding, the language of computers. Understanding coding is a superpower. I met some tech entrepreneurs and they are billionaires through learning this stuff. I’m so competitive with myself and I am fascinated by the language of technology so I decided to be part of the conversation… I think it’s sexy to learn this stuff; it enables and it empowers both sexes.”


She is so right, beauty will eventually fade, all we will have left is what we have achieved in our ‘young’ days. What are you doing with your ‘young’ days? Karlie Kloss is not letting the glam and the glitz in the modelling world fool her. She has her head on her neck and I admire her just for that.


What do you think of this cover? I am loving the green effect, are you? Drop me a comment, let’s chat.

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  1. I have never heard of her. but she sounds like a fantastic role model for young girls. beauty isn’t everything, you need to have the brains too

  2. I’ve to admit, I’m not a huge fan of Karlie’s looks but what she says is on the money, literally! As for the front cover, i wish she had worn something gold dripping with embellishment. I get that the mag incorporated red and gold via the text but the cover is still too Kermet The Frog (green) for me!

  3. I do love the fact that models are getting quirkier with their looks.
    She’s right….beauty does fade, she’s sensible in knowing that she needs to start a business of some kind so she can work to her future. Lucky for her, she will have made enough to start her own business.

  4. I love the front covers posts on your blog, by the way. I know you said last time that you might not do it anymore but I think you should. I love the emerald background but I don’t like the cover. She looks a bit unfinished to me–eyebrows, no manicure and her teeth look a bit funny. It’s not breathtaking. That’s just my opinion, though! 😀

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