Supermodels Cover British Vogue February 2017 Issue

Three stunning supermodels – Anna Ewers, Imaan Hamman and Taylor Hill are the cover girls for British Vogue February 2017, and they look amazing on the cover. I know how much Vogue loves having supermodels on their covers, so I wasn’t too surprised to see these beauties on the cover.




I have never heard of these lovely ladies before, so I would love to read this issue.

Here are some quotes from their interview with British Vogue:


On Imaan Hamman embracing her natural hair curls –

“For years, I was trying to please everyone, starting with the fact that I was constantly straightening my hair,” Hammam revealed in this month’s accompanying cover interview. “Well, that was super-damaging, and after a while, I was like, ‘Uccch, I’ve got to chill out with this.’ So I started going to castings with my hair natural – big and frizzy. And that was when my career blew up.”

I am happy to see she has embraced her beautiful natural hair. She is a stunner.


On how Taylor Hill found success –

“There’s always going to be that part of me that’s the girl who got scouted at 14. I was, like, the opposite of cool. Obsessed with Harry Potter. I had all this frizzy hair I didn’t know what to do with; I wore my sisters’ hand-me-downs, which I was too tall for, so nothing ever fitted. When this photographer saw me and told me I should model it wasn’t just me who was like, um, really? Even my parents thought – that guy’s insane.”




I find these quotes so inspiring. I am happy to see all 3 women doing well in the modelling industry.

This issue is now available on the newsstands? Will you be reading?

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Alessandra Ambrosio Covers Cosmopolitan UK August 2016

Cosmo UK August 2016

The beautiful and sexy Victoria’s Secret model – Alessandra Ambrosio is not your average millionaire supermodel. This beauty is on the cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine August 2016 issue and she is looking smoking hot on it! Not that I was expecting anything less stunning from this amazing looking woman.

I am happy to see Alessandra on the cover of Cosmo. I have not seen or heard much from her online so this cover is a breath of fresh air. I love everything about the cover. The pose and outfit is wicked. Her hair and makeup is spot on. The entire cover design is perfect for summer. I love it.



Looking at her, it is hard to believe she is a mum of 2. I guess a lot of work is done on a daily basis to maintain that figure.

I like the fact that Victoria’s Secret allows their models to take time off work to have kids. I wasn’t expecting to hear that about the company. It looks and sounds like a vain place to work but hey it’s not. Aleesandra Ambrosio confirms it in the quote below:

“I wanted to have kids at 20, so 26 was already old for me. I felt it was great timing and I took off a whole year. Victoria’s Secret were fine with freezing my contract and going back later, so I wasn’t worried about my career.”

Good to know this is allowed in the modelling industry. I guess the agencies and designers won’t want the models strutting their belly bumps on the runaway, so it kind of makes sense to give them time off to start a family. What do you think?

You can read the entire interview in this month’s Cosmopolitan issue, now available on the newsstands.

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Karlie Kloss Covers British Vogue December 2015


I am loving this cover and the cover girl – Karlie Kloss. I have had my fashion eye on this supermodel for some years now and I admire everything about her. She is a woman on a mission, and she is not backing down anytime soon.

“About two years ago I started to think about what happens to me next. I’m a 23-year-old model and I want to think less about my looks and more about my future, and that involves my brain. I want to run companies, have a business future,” she explained. “Call me a nerd, but I love coding, the language of computers. Understanding coding is a superpower. I met some tech entrepreneurs and they are billionaires through learning this stuff. I’m so competitive with myself and I am fascinated by the language of technology so I decided to be part of the conversation… I think it’s sexy to learn this stuff; it enables and it empowers both sexes.”


She is so right, beauty will eventually fade, all we will have left is what we have achieved in our ‘young’ days. What are you doing with your ‘young’ days? Karlie Kloss is not letting the glam and the glitz in the modelling world fool her. She has her head on her neck and I admire her just for that.


What do you think of this cover? I am loving the green effect, are you? Drop me a comment, let’s chat.

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