Some Funny/Random Things That Happened To Me This Week

Some very funny, random things happened to me this week, and I thought I should share them with y’all…

Random Coffee


  • I read about this Peek User Testing website on Twitter some days ago and the Curious George in me decided to try it out for myself. I submitted my URL on the site and got the results via email, few hours later and boy was it funny. The ‘random’ person had no clue really, she couldn’t even make up her mind on whether she thought my blog was interesting or not (using her own words). She spent about 2 minutes trying to make up her mind on whether my blog was about fashion or trends, LMAO. It was the funniest thing ever. I wish I could share the video of the results but I can’t. You can get your blog analysed by them just for laughs, Google Peek User Testing and the site should pop up. Warning: do not tak the ‘random’ analyst too seriously.


  • PRs and Brands taking the piss like literally. Asking for EVERYTHING and MORE for peanuts in return, and when I say peanuts, I mean money too small, you can do little or nothing with in the UK, say £20. I once had a brand somewhere in China, offer to pay me $13 and had the audacity to say she was offering me a good deal, as she usually pays bloggers $3, I was like what? I guess we bloggers will continue to be taken advantage off until we know our worth and take a stand. I personally have taken a stand, I stopped playing a fool a long time ago.



  • A dog trying to steal my shine while taking an outfit post. It was hilarious, the dog tried to jump on me in the middle of the photoshoot, lol…


  • I have my first laser treatment booked in for this week and I am excited but at the same time nervous. I will fill you in on that soon, so keep reading.


So there are my random happenings of the week. Share yours in the comment section and let’s have a giggle.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. Nice post, Stella! Different and refreshing. LOL about that dog, though. But it’s still such a cutie!! All the best with the laser treatment hun! About those PRs and brands, ughhh. I’ve been getting that too. I’m right beside you on the stand-taking!

    • The dog was a funny situation, lol..Cute and funy, wish I got a shot of the drama…Thank you, I can’t wait to blog about my laser journey….We all need to take a stand in this blogging game, I won’t be taken for a ride by anyone..

  2. The dog trying to steal the limelight in your photoshoot made me laugh. We had a model the other week who wanted to work with our dog he was a nightmare for the first 2 hours, then he decided to behave

  3. This is my first time hearing about the peek user testing. I might have to look into. That’s a shame about the brand that reached out to you. I have been reading a lot of articles about whether bloggers should work for free. I was recently approached by a brand that offer me nothing in return to promote them their company. There was no benefit to the the blogger, not even a shout out on social platforms. I had to pass.

    I hope you got a picture with the dog and decide to post it. It would make a great post.

  4. I submitted both of my blogs to peak user testing, the lifestyle blog was fine but listening to them navigate my food blog was bizarre, one woman thought it was a food subscription service and the other kept clicking the lifestyle link at the top which takes you to my lifestyle blog and didn’t understand why she was reading about fashion!

  5. This peek tester looks fun! Dread to think what they would say about my blog haha. I’ve had my first time waster pr this week it’s unreal what they expect for £20

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