Giveaway: Win TRESemme 2000W Compact Hair Dryer

Hey peeps! Happy new month. Welcome to the month of February. I hope you are all enjoying a great start to the year. And I hope January was as good to you as it was to me.

It is the love month, and while we are all busy getting ready for Valentines Day, I have another giveaway for you. A lucky reader will win this TRESemme 2000W Compact Hair Dryer.





This lightweight 2000 watt hair dryer from TRESemme delivers fast drying with total ease of use. It has a ceramic coating to add shine and protect hair from heat damage and works on a DC motor which is perfect for everyday drying.

I write a lot about hair care, so this giveaway prize is in line with what I usually blog about which is great.

Here are some more product details –

  • Model number: 9547TU.
  • 2000 watts.
  • Lightweight and compact design.
  • Variable temperature – adapts to your specific hair needs for ultimate control.
  • 2 speed and 2 temperature settings.
  • Ceramic coating to add shine and protect hair from heat damage.
  • DC motor – perfect for everyday drying.
  • Cool shot to set your style.
  • Concentrator nozzle for controlled styling.
  • 1.8 metre cord.

General information:

  • Weight 0.4kg.
  • Manufacturer’s 3 year guarantee.
  • EAN: 3030054195473.



I have used thisย TRESemme 2000W Compact Hair Dryer and I can testify to the fabulousness of it. It is definitely worth having. I think it is so amazing.

Here are the simple rules of the giveaway:

  1. Follow me on Instagram.
  2. Follow me on Twitter.
  3. Retweet this post.
  4. Leave a comment with your Instagram and Twitter names, and include why you want to win this compact hair dryer.

The giveaway is open to UK residents only. You must be over 18 years to take part.

It ends on 8th February at 10pm.

Good luck to everyone. More giveaways to come. Happy entering!

164 responses

  1. My instagram name is traceypeach1 my Twitter name is Tracey_Peach I would love to win the TRESemme 2000W Compact Hair Dryer because I have CFS I can not hold heavy hair dryers up for long enogh to dry & style my hair so this one would be a lot lighter which is great for me ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  2. @tony_tonymet (Twitter) @metcalftony (Instagram) It would make a nice gift for my mum, the hairdryer she has is quite ancient.

  3. @racheljonesrlj id love to win this as my mam bought me my hair dryer 15 years ago she has now sadly passed away but I’m still using the same hairdryer which is due to go bang!

  4. i would love to win this as we travel a lot and lugging a huge hairdryer around isnt ideal!

    TWITTER @jodieh1131
    INSTA @jtl1131

  5. My lovely daughter has ‘borrowed’ my hairdryer and now it is lost in a black hole called her room! @tabbaz123 on twitter and Instagram

  6. Insta – Julie Bellham
    twitter – @julesybells

    I’d like to win because I’ve had my current hairdryer about 10 years and it makes my hair look like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards…๐Ÿ˜‚

  7. Twitter – @DanniizDesignz Instagram – @CraftyDannii
    I would love to win this as I don’t currently own a hairdryer.

  8. i really need a new hair dryer, mine broke months ago and we’ve been using my daughters little kiddie hair dryer which is tiny and takes forever to dry my mop!
    twitter- @gouldmarieann Instagram- anngould69

  9. I would love it as it’s leightweight it would be great for going on holiday ! I have to take a lot for my little boy so this would definitely help a little

  10. Instagram: @hollowayanthea
    Twitter: @antheajholloway
    I would love to win this as I am always on the move, visiting friends and family and this lightweight hairdryer would suit me perfectly!

  11. styles5433 (Instagram) @styles5433 (Twitter) we have one hair dyer shared in a family of four and it is an old slow smelly one so another all singing all dancing dryer would be welcome

  12. Twitter: @kefkat12 Instagram: @keffiekat3

    I so need a new hairdryer. Mine stopped working before Christmas so I had to get an older 1 out of the spare drawer of my bits and pieces. It does the job but I need a new one. This would be great for when we are travelling as well as at home too. Thank you for running the giveaway Stella. As always they are always great

  13. Instagram @cinders59
    Twitter @cinders2875
    My hairdryer is about to conk out I think, sometimes can hear a grinding noise

  14. instagram is angelat829 and twitter is @angelat2969. i love tresemme products so having the hairdryer is just icing on top of the cake lol x

  15. Instagram ktcove Twitter @ktcoventry

    I want to win because my current hairdryer is very old! It is big and heavy and I can’t take it anywhere. This would be perfect.

  16. My instagram name is @Jlnorris2010 and twitter name is @Jlnorris2010. I would love to win this hairdryer to give to my daughter – she is always stealing my hairdryer haha

  17. Im twinklenic on instagram and @boodlebugsmumma on twitter. id love to win this as i have arthritis and find it tricky holdng my heavy hairdryer and often give up and have to go out looking dreadful. i think id be able to handle this much easier ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Twitter: Madratfm
    Instagram: starlingsilvereyes
    Reason: My baby sister is moving out and I think she doesn’t have her own hairdryer yet.

  19. hookedtruro on Instagram and @munchkinwearkids on twitter. I’d love to win this as my current hairdryer is about to give up the ghost!!

  20. Hi I’m KatharineTabby or @KatharineTabby; I’d love to win it because my daughter has gone off to Uni with my favourite hairdryer and the one I’m using is about 20 years old (older than my daughter!) and not very powerful ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Instagram name-@akamalaccas1

    Twitter name-@akamalaccas1

    My old hair dryer is on its’ last legs and I think TRESemme is a great brand.

  22. @MsHLord hannahlord10
    My daughters keep “borrowing” my hairdryer would be great if they had one of their own, this looks great, they can have my old one lol

  23. My current hairdryer I use for my daughter keeps cutting out during use so this would be great ๐Ÿ™‚

    Insta: @LeeRits1985
    Twitter: @leeritsoncomp

  24. both instagram and twitter names are @becflynn66 – I want to win because my daughter keeps pinching my hairdryer and losing it in her tip of a bedroom, If I had one of my own it would stop a multitude of arguments!

  25. My Twitter is @Pookybearcheung and my Instagram is Pookybearcheung. I would love to win because my hair dryer is old.

  26. Instagram: LisaPug91 Twitter: @RileyPugalier
    I’d love to win as my current hairdryer is on its way out and I can’t afford a new one!

  27. It’s a bit late for me – I think it was the 70’s when I last needed the use of one – but I want to win this for my daughter – she’s very hairy. I’m @philibaldi on twitter and instagram

  28. Instagram frankie1north
    twitter libra10001

    I would love to win as this is a great brand name, high quality, and has all the features I want.

  29. Instagram & Twitter – @aboutmyfro I want to win because… 1. my hair dryer broke; I’m in dire need of one for my next wash day… & 2. I LOVE all things related to my hair, so this blowdryer will be very much loved by me ๐Ÿ˜‰ x

  30. I would love to win as I’ve had my current hairdryer for many years now and it really needs replacing – and this one sounds great! ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Iโ€™m going on holiday to Lisbon with my partner soon and I need to take a small hair dryer with me so I can dry my hair straight before we go out in the evenings. My hair is frizzy and if I leave it to dry naturally it looks like a lionโ€™s mane so I really need a hair dryer to make sure my hair is straight and smoothโ€ฆ I would not want to scare the locals with my frizzy do.
    Twitter: @Ninnytendo
    Instagram: ninnychico

  32. I would love this my travel hairdryer is not the best and I have pretty thick hair so would love it to dry a lot quicker ๐Ÿ™‚ Tweeted @Highlandgirl

  33. I’d love to win this as my current hairdryer is old and rather heavy – it would be great to have a light one and very useful to take on holiday !
    twitter @kazweedon

  34. @paulfromkesgrav would love this for my wife @mysticaljeavons as she is growing her hair and needs a quality dryer like this

  35. @mummycat111 for both Twitter and Instagram. I’d love to win this prize. I am always using my daughters dryer but she’s starting work away from home soon so I won’t have one. I’d probably buy a cheapie so winning this would be so much better

  36. Twitter: @beachrambler Instagram: hazel.rea I’d love this hairdryer as my hairdryer is very old amd cumbersome to pack.

  37. Instagram @officejones Twitter @Aprilsunbeam I would love to win this dryer because I travel a lot and this compact dryer would be perfect for my case . I have seen this dryer in action too as my friend has one and although it’s compact it’s still a powerful little dryer .

  38. Instagram- nikiwardle
    Twitter- @NikiMarieWardle

    I would love to win this, my current hairdryer blows, and not in the good way!

  39. Instagram: katieo2500
    Twitter: @Top_cat81

    I’d love to win as I travel a lot with work, this would be perfect to take with me!

  40. Instagram: @tixbrown
    Twitter: @tibrownx

    I would like to win this hairdryer because I’ve had mine for just over 17 years and think it’s about time I got a new one! ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  41. I would like to win this to give to my daughter, she is of to uni in a few months so she would have her own to take with her and doesn’t need to keep pinching mine

  42. Twitter @mellyjt
    Instagram @melturner4
    I would like to win as my hairdryer is getting old Im worried its going to give up one morning before Ive got new one

  43. I would like to win this compact hair dryer for when we go away, even when visiting family in the UK & Ireland the hotel’s hairdryers aren’t great if they have one at all! And I like to wash and blow dry my hair when I’m away too ๐Ÿ™‚ Insta: bexlondonchick Twitter: @BeckyW213

  44. Insta – bekilacy
    twitte – becca_lacy

    My hair is in need of some TLC as my hairdresser is travelling Australia, this should help!

  45. @greigspencer (Instagram) and @greigo_uk ( twitter) Id love to win this for my sister who loves doing her hair and wants to be a hairdresser

  46. My instagram name is katierichards7189 and my twitter name is K_Richards_89
    I would really love to win this as it’s so compact it would be perfect to take on holiday with me!

  47. Twitter: @DanielleMP1990 Instagram: one_wish I would love to win this hair dryer as a treat for myself, I’ve had my current hair dryer for about 9years now. Think it’s about time for a new one.

  48. I’m @boysandchickens on twitter and @tinkerb311a on Instagram

    I’d love to win this as it has a long cord (I’m 6ft tall!) and would be fab for my holiday

  49. @imustbemadme on Titter AND Instagram and I’d love to win this dryer for my eldest daughter so dhe can stop borrowing mine!

  50. I would love to win this to replace the one my son left in Ayia Napa when working out there last year.
    @reddevil1604 on both twitter and instagram

  51. instagram- katierobertson92
    I would love to win because I would love to take this away with me when I’m on my travels.

  52. Helloooo ๐Ÿ™‚

    My twitter name @lindsey855
    Instagram @lindseystuart85

    I would absolutely LOVE to win this tresemme hair dryer please because the one I have at the moment is over 10 years old…..YES 10 years old! I kind of close my eyes whilst I am drying my hair incase it blows up hahaha
    I love that this one has a ceramic coat to keep the hair shiny that is incredible ๐Ÿ™‚

  53. instagram name joogden twitter xjolouisex i would love to win as of now im using a rubbish travel hairdryer as my decent one broke so this would be great

  54. @amandadegregory (Twitter) @amandadegregory1 (Instagram) I’d love to win as I don’t own a hair dryer at all at the moment. I lent mine out and it never came back. This one looks brilliant.

  55. would love to win as my dryer isn’t that good these days, needs to retire.
    twitter – emmajlowe
    instagram – emmamed76

  56. Instagram @artandcoffee_ , Twitter @JessMaryy
    I would love to win this hair dryer because TRESemme products work best for hair!

  57. With it being lightweight it would be ideal to take on your travels and it is fast drying great for when your in a rush . TW @mumrobinson ……. Instagram carolinerobinson73

  58. I would like to win because my current hairdryer is on its last legs! (Twitter) @purplepansyem (Instagram) purplepansyem

  59. I would love to win this super hairdryer as mine is over 30 years old now and doesn’t work too well!
    Twitter: @antheajholloway
    Instagram: @hollowayanthea

  60. I’d love to win as I think I’m just about to need a new hairdryer. I seem to go through them quickly even though I don’t wash my hair every day. Twitter @lorrdevl

  61. @avery64 Twitter, @averypjavery Instagram Granddaughter beginning to transform from being a tomboy. I think a hair-dryer would encourage her to take more care of her hair. This one would be light enough for her to handle with ease ๐Ÿ™‚

  62. Instagram: @michellemarrob twitter: @MichelleMCarlin I’d like to win this for my son, because he keeps pinching mine!

  63. This hair dryer has great reviews so I’d love to have one as I have long thick hair and my hair dryer is quite old and it takes 30 minutes to dry my hair.

  64. @doncald15 Instagram @doncaldw twitter my hair could use a little TLC at the moment my old hairdryer needs to go into retirement

  65. Instagram: michptak Twitter: @Michieptak I would love this as my 12 year old hairdryer is definitely on its last legs!

  66. TW = @gemmaaylin – IG = @funkyfreks – Would love this for holidays coming up soon, looks compact enough and light enough to travel with.

  67. i used my hair dryer for 35 solid minutes to dry my partners jeans before a night- it was an emergency!! but now everytime i use the hairdryer it threatens me with death noises. i need an upgrade before it gives in completely

  68. @LindyHine (twitter) @lindyhine (insta) I’d love to win this because it looks like a great little dryer – good that’s it’s compact and light and the Ceramic coating to add shine and protect your hair would be a bonus too

  69. I am @Webkinny on twitter and @Webkin1979 on instagram. I would love to win because it looks a great hair dryer and would be great to take on holiday with me.

  70. twitter @straysuzi1 Instagram – straysuzi ( not that i can figure out how to use it !) i would love to win as my hairdryer is on its last legs i have to hold both the back end and front end on to use it but it was a good one when i got it so hate to throw it out but know the time is near

  71. (TW) @HLmulgrove
    I would love to win this i have had my hair drying for about 5 years now and it is very old so this would be lovely โ™ฅ

  72. paulinedring – Instagram

    @polly58 – Twitter

    I don’t own a hairdryer which is why I would love to win this one please.

  73. I’d love to win because my hairdryer had to be thrown away a few days ago when smoke started coming out of it! I’m managing with my babyliss big curl at the moment but it’s not ideal for everyday use
    Twitter: bonniebonster1
    IG: bonniebonster123

  74. Fantastic prize, I would love to win this because my hairdryer broke just before Christmas so I am using my daughters, but it is not a very good one and is heavy and chunky which hurts my hands which is why this would be brilliant as it is lightweight and judging by the motor would probably halve the time it would take to dry my hair .x @jaynekelsall362 ( twitter & Instagram are the same username )

  75. I would love to win this for my daughter. She is struggling without one. She has very thick hair and lots of it. So takes forever to dry
    Twitter @capodemonte
    Instagram dianecarey6

  76. Would love to win. Would be perfect for my daughter, because mine is too heavy for her ๐Ÿ™‚ Instagram: @diaaid1 Twitter: @dessallara2

  77. instagram- sarah_brokey
    twitter – sarah_midge

    Because mine has just broken so would a new one this fabulous – thanks for the chance x

  78. I follow on instagram as coppelia100, Twitter as @solarsangel, I have retweeted too. I would love to win this hairdryer for my daughter. She is now getting to an age where she is interested in hair and beauty and is always pinching my hairdryer! This would make the perfect first dryer for her.

  79. I’m @Vickypinkxx on both Twitter and Instagram.
    I’d love to win this as my hairdryer is making such a horrible noise that I’m scared to use it any more. I’m not quite sure why it went wrong! I’d love a new dryer to replace it as my hair is very long and it takes forever to dry it just in the air and with towels – especially in Winter! It would be so handy!

  80. I retweeted as @hackettlady and following on insta as @brummiemummie. i would love to win as My 8 years old hair dryer finally started to make some funny noises and it would be amazing to replace it. thank you

  81. I’d love this as my last two cheap hairdryers caught fire! About time my hair had some TLC. I tried to leave my details privately next to the email address because of the spam bots and privacy but that’s not worked, it won’t let me so I’ve just left my email although I have done the other two and can prove it. Hope you understand, these bots ruin accounts.

  82. janemphoto on instagram, felixisfriend on twitter. I would love a travel hairdryer for weekends away as I have long hair and it takes ages to dry without one.

  83. Inst – @idealsoljohn Twitter – @johnheap3

    I would love to win this prize as my wife has killed our hairdryer. May it rest in pieces following her managing to drop a wardrobe on it the other week ๐Ÿ™‚

  84. I would love to win a new hairdryer as the one I have sounds like it is going to conk out at any moment! @minilynn3 on twitter @lynn.neal on Instagram

    • I would love to win this as the hair dryer I have at the moment is about 15 years old!
      (IN) @Beecally
      9Tw) @bubbybubbybubby

  85. I would love to win because my current hairdryer is such a pain to take away, this would be ideal! TheBouncyFrog on both Instagram & Twitter!

  86. Because the current one I have is a One Direction one that my Mum bought me ๐Ÿ˜›
    natalielara1989 (instagram)

  87. I would love to win this for my partner who is always complaining about her current hairdryer ๐Ÿ™‚

    Instagram: @aebold123 Twitter: @aebold123

  88. @HHEeeBahGum on twitter. @haighh on instagram. My hairdryer is literally over 30 years old and it is getting temperamental!

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