So you want a bigger butt?

It looks like the whole world and their dad is suddenly talking about Kim Kardashian’s huge butt, and I can’t understand why. Her butt has been massive since she first appeared on our TV screens, so why is everyone going on and on about it?




Well, it looks like it all started from Khloe Kardashian’s comment about her sister (Kim) being her gym inspiration and having the best body ever! That comment kind of broke the internet, but Khloe’s comment was in the defense of Kim’s silly Tweet. In the now-deleted tweet, Kim wrote: ‘The flu can be an amazing diet. So happy it came in time for the Met lol #6lbsdown.’, and the internet came for her so bad.

I still don’t get what the whole noise is all about. I have watched Keeping up with the Kardashains for years (I have only just lost interest in the show because I think they have lost their mojo or I have grown up), and I know how obsessed the sisters are with their bodies. To be honest, I don’t really blame them. When you are in the limelight the way they are, you can’t be anything but perfect or the trolls would come for you so bad. Even when you are “perfect”, they still come, so I know how hard they must be working at keeping up their looks.



I also think Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are so obsessed with Kim’s features, and are out to make sure they get every one of them, especially Kylie. Kylie is beginning to look more and more like Kim by the day, and Khloe’s butt is almost as big as Kim’s now. Her butt kind of grew overnight after her public breakup with Lamar Odom, and it now looks twice as big as it was before. I wonder what she is using. She swears it is all exercise, but we know better. Just like Kylie swearing her sudden swollen lips were all lip gloss, but we know now for a fact that it is not.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with cosmetic surgery in my eyes, just own it. I am tired of women having surgery done then denying it or playing it down. It makes no sense. There is no way your ass or boobs would have grown overnight, without some form of help, so why lie/pretend?

Having said that, there are various ways to enhance our features these days, many do not even need to go under the knife if they don’t want to. There are Botox injections, pills and creams that can be used to enhance various areas of our body. One of them is the Glutimax Butt Enhancement Cream.



Now if I wanted to get a bigger butt, I would go for this Glutimax Butt Enhancement Cream, because I rather not go under the knife. I am more comfortable with a cream than a pill or surgery.

I bet these is what many of these celebrities are using too, because there is no downtime, you can use it from the comfort of your home as often as advised, without having to take time off to recover, so it can be very discreet. I think this Glutimax Butt Enhancement Cream, is a smart invention.

What do you think of all the talk about Kim Kardashian’s “natural” butt? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. I dont know what the issue is on Kim’s butt cos I have always known her with her butt which I think suits her. I don’t mind growing mine especially as there is a cream that enhances butt. But definitely not surgery. Where can I get the cream lol. I always enjoy your blog.

  2. My problem with that tweet is that losing weight because of illness isn’t something to be congratulated, in a lot of studies of people with eating disorders illnesses and the praise people got for losing weight with them have been massively triggering for them

  3. Tbh her butt is foul , it’s actually sad how girls follow that trend by looking at Kim K edited pics . Hopefully now that, the pictures of what her butt actually looks like surfaced , girls will be more considerate , before getting any of these butt enchanting procedures done . Great post x

  4. I have to agree Lindsey. I tend to work with what I have and not will work for enhancing it. Every now and then I do butt workouts. Initially I workout for my thighs which has paid off and half of the workout has gone to my butt, so I believe in working hard for it.

    Kim’s butt is fake. Other than the enhance cream, there’s also silicone. I recently saw a pic of her on a beach in Mexico and it kind of sagging.

  5. I think people need to look at themselves and begin to feel happy with what they have, yes use products to enhance but not to be someone else x

  6. Hi darling please may I say you have a beautiful bottom! 😉 As a curvy girl myself, I have always wished that I had a smaller bottom- however men seem to be obsessed with my big bottom! I also get many comments about my hourglass figure. I’m not often comfortable with flaunting my curves and I find it very difficult to find clothes that fit me properly. I find it very confusing that men love curves, and yet the fashion industry makes clothing for women who are more of a petite size. I guess as long as you are comfortable with your body that’s all that matters!

  7. I would love to have a bigger butt only for a confidence booster everyone is different and have different preferences but I won’t go under the knife Ill rather do the necessary exercises to increase the size I would be doing that now if only I wasn’t so lazy lol

  8. I think curves look great as I am skinny 🙁 I wouldn’t try to change myself though

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