OOTD: Springtime Staples

It is so windy outside as I write this post, but the fact remains, it is springtime (or is it?), so time to get the Springtime Staples out of the storage and grab some new pieces from the shops, if your wardrobe is in need of a spring fashion update.

I am yet to get my spring/summer clothes out of storage. I plan to sort that out in the next few days, hopefully before the bank holiday weekend next week. At the moment, this confused British weather is really messing with me. It has been up and down as usual this week, dead warm on some days, and painfully cold on some other days, like today. I hear it even snowed in Scotland some days ago.  Can you imagine that in April?

Light layering is the only way to survive spring time fashion, with the ups and downs of the weather. Thankfully, the fashion gurus saw this coming and got us prepared.



The crazy weather makes dressing up so hard sometimes. You never know how the day would really turn out, so you never know what to wear on such days. It is good to have transitional pieces like what I have on at the ready for when you need it.

Everything I have on here is from my existing wardrobe, no new pieces. I take pride in styling pieces and accessories from my wardrobe in different ways. It gives me joy when I get maximum wear from pieces.



What do you think of this outfit? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading, commenting and sharing. Have a beautiful day!



Tan Gilet – Apricot

Blue Molly Jeans – River Island

Black Lace Top – Next

Black Cami – M&S

Black Shoes – TOMS

Brown Bag – Micharl Kors

Gold Earrings – Dubai Gold Market

Fitbit Flex Bracelet



39 responses

  1. I hear you about the weather. It’s chilly in the morning and warm by the afternoon. Layers definitely are key! Love the pretty vest .. it would go with anything

  2. Being able to style your wardrobe pieces in multiple ways and get the maximum use out of your wardrobe is fantastic. Layering is really the key when the weather is unpredictable and I really like your look here.

  3. I love this post – it made me laugh and that’s a good thing – it will be memorable! But in all seriousness
    it’s good to read something that I haven’t seen other bloggers talking about before!

  4. Good idea to layer as the weather is still so changeable!. Love the black top with the lacy bits

  5. Your outfit is really cute! We put away our winter stuff a month ago. Where we live in the US, spring can sometimes be as hot as summer. I love the layer look, but by the end of the day I’m burning up.

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