How addictive is cosmetic surgery?

By Michael Saul, Partner at Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors

Plastic surgery addiction is a behavioural condition characterised by the compulsive need to constantly alter one’s appearance through plastic surgery. With this illness, a patient may wind up shelling out thousands of dollars for a variety of procedures, none of which are certain to make them happier in the long run.

An individual’s self-consciousness is typically the cause of their desire for plastic surgery. It’s typical to experience this occasionally, but it can lead to a serious problem when a person’s unease around their appearance develops into an obsession and plastic surgery takes precedence in their lives.

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Like any other addiction, plastic surgery addiction begins with a pleasurable initial experience. Some people will get as many surgeries as they can afford if they believe that plastic surgery is the solution to their low self-esteem. A person with severe insecurity may elect to have another procedure to address a different “flaw” if they feel better about their appearance after the first one. Some plastic surgery addicts go so far as to try to change themselves so they resemble someone else, such as a celebrity they idolise.

Eventually, a person could begin to organise their life around upcoming treatments and come to rely on cosmetic surgery for their self-esteem. Once they adopt this perspective, it is probable that they will grow reliant on the operations and be unable to stop. Even if surgeons turn them down for surgery, they could find less qualified medical staff to perform riskier procedures.

What are the risks of plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery typically aims to improve and enhance a certain feature. Therefore, the purpose of plastic surgery is to boost a person’s self-esteem and perception of beauty. Most plastic surgery procedures are pointless from a medical standpoint, but others, including rhinoplasty and cleft palate correction, can be recommended by a doctor. With the exception of the risks associated with any medical procedure, there is nothing fundamentally wrong with plastic surgery as long as the doctor is skilled and the patient has realistic expectations.

One plastic surgery procedure might produce a desirable outcome, but numerous procedures might have undesired effects. Among the dangers of cosmetic surgery are:

  • Blood clots
  • Scars, bruises and swelling
  • Collapsed muscles
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Nerve damage
  • Tissue death
  • Infections, including pneumonia
  • Anaesthesia risks (including shock, respiratory failure, allergy and cardiac arrest)

Plastic surgery is often a decision that people come to regret if they are dissatisfied with the final results. Patients may need additional operations to address earlier ones in particular addiction scenarios. Many operations, even when done correctly, may result in an unusual and unnatural overall appearance.

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Getting help

There are treatment facilities all throughout the country that offer counselling and help for beating an addiction to cosmetic surgery. In particular, cognitive behavioural therapy may help recovering addicts understand how their body dysmorphic disorder affects their addiction and overcome the compulsively poor self-esteem that results from the disorder.

Cosmetic surgery shouldn’t rule anyone’s life. For further information on what to do and where to go, please contact your GP immediately if you or someone you know is suffering from a plastic surgery addiction.

Thinking About Cosmetic Surgery? Consider Why You Want It First

*Collaborative post.

Almost everyone will experience some minor body-image insecurities sooner or later. Whether it’s a hereditary predisposition, the effect of trauma, or the unavoidable changes that come with ageing, some people may experience years of low self-esteem related to aesthetic problems. Unfortunately, no amount of dieting or exercise will alter their breast size, change the contour of their nose, or get rid of stubborn areas of ugly fat. A surgical operation is not suitable for everyone, despite the fact that “going under the knife” with plastic surgery may sound like the quickest and simplest approach to enhance appearance.

Even while the initial “why you want surgery” may seem obvious, actually stop and think about what is causing your uneasiness. Has your present boyfriend been pressuring you to have a more voluptuous form, or have you always wanted larger, more proportionate breasts? Have you been trying unsuccessfully to lose your “muffin top” for years at the gym? Or perhaps you’ve recently gone through a significant life event, like a divorce, breakup, or job loss, and you’re now convinced that a flatter tummy would improve your self-esteem.

Do your homework before choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon. Take your time determining the best course of action for your particular needs and financial situation. Get a second or third opinion if, following your consultation, you feel uncomfortable with the doctor or the clinic. When you are satisfied with the responses to these four important questions, you could be prepared to proceed with plastic surgery.

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6 Reasons to Try Out the Sculptra Butt Lift

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There are a lot of reasons to try out Sculptra; more so than can be listed in a single article. However, there are some advantages to the treatment which are very popular with patients all across the country. Countless people visit their local cosmetic practitioners to get treated with Sculptra and have seen some truly miraculous results.

This is by no means only thanks to the advanced technology and medical practice that is utilized in these treatments. Practitioners like Dr. Schwarzburg working from one of Manhattan’s cosmetic centers, have spent years studying and training to perform treatments that will not only work, but will deliver the exact results their patients are looking for.

As we already said, there are many reasons to try Sculptra but the following are the most popular benefits of the treatment and why so many people consider it to be the perfect curve-enhancing treatment out there.

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  1. The Results Look Natural

For many people out there, getting cosmetic treatments is a personal matter and they do not wish to share it with anyone. That is their choice as adults and they have the privilege of doing so. Unfortunately, some cosmetic treatments do not produce as natural of results and this bothers many patients out there who wish to keep this low-key.

But there are treatments out there that produce completely authentic-looking results and one of these treatments is the Sculptra. After the injections are administered the curves will look visibly enhanced but won’t lose out on their natural shape and symmetry. The results look absolutely authentic and you won’t have to worry about looking fake.

  1. The Procedure is Minimally Invasive

Different procedures require different surgical steps. Some are more invasive as they require incisions and cuts to be made into various areas of the body. This does not mean they are more dangerous or less effective, but it does mean that you can expect a longer recovery as well as more side effects that can take you out of your normal daily routine.

But many modern cosmetic treatments out there are injection-based, which make them minimally invasive. This includes the Sculptra. The compound is injected in various areas of the posterior and enhances the curves without the need for cuts, scars, or stitches. For many people, this is a more preferable option over the more invasive treatments out there.

  1. Short Recovery Time

As a result of it being minimally invasive, the Sculptra treatment is very easy to recover from. It takes around 10 days to get through the recovery time and fully get back to your normal daily routine. During this time you may be asked to be careful with the posterior area and avoid actions that may put too much strain on it.

These are simple things, such as not plopping down on chairs or doing exercises that involve the posterior. This will only take 10 days and up to a rare maximum of two weeks, a very short amount of time when compared to the more complicated curve enhancements out there.

  1. Few Minor Side Effects

A very big advantage to Sculptra being minimally invasive is how it results in fewer side effects, which are less painful or distracting. Most patients report feeling a little aching in the treated area which is to be expected. Others report a little stiffness in the area, as well as itching in the injection sites, and a little bruising.

All of these are completely natural responses to the injections and you can expect them to go away on their own. Just sit back and relax as the compound does its job and before you know it, you will be back to normal and feeling as fresh as always.

  1. Quick Results

Right after the injections are administered, you will notice a visible difference in your buttocks. It will become more curvy and plump but in all the right ways. It will retain its authentic shape and symmetry, but with that added bit of volume, that enhances and emphasizes those gorgeous curves.

The initial volume boost will be temporary, however, as the Sculptra compound is slowly absorbed by your body. Many patients panic after they see this initial volume disappear and think that the treatment did not do what it was supposed to. But this is a natural part of the Sculptra process and you will see the volume return and stay but for much longer this time.

Once the compound has been absorbed, it boosts collagen production in that area. The resulting increase in collagen results in the natural creation of strands that keep the buttocks voluminous even after the compound is entirely gone. This is one of the biggest benefits of getting Sculptra over other treatments: it does not only rely on a compound to do the job, but the body also does its part to increase the volume in the posterior and keep it that way for a long time.

  1. Long-Lasting Effect

And by “a long time” you may think we are talking about a few months. But what many people don’t know is that the Sculptra results can last up to two years. For many people, it is one and a half years, but you may be longer than that. It depends on how quickly your body reacts to the compound and how fast it is dissolved.

But regardless of wherever it is a year, year and a half, or two years, this is a very long amount of time. Get treated once with Sculptra and you won’t have to worry about making another appointment for a very long time. The results last a very long time, they look natural, and all it takes is a few small injections and you have yourself those beautiful curves you’ve always wanted.


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