Thinking About Cosmetic Surgery? Consider Why You Want It First

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Almost everyone will experience some minor body-image insecurities sooner or later. Whether it’s a hereditary predisposition, the effect of trauma, or the unavoidable changes that come with ageing, some people may experience years of low self-esteem related to aesthetic problems. Unfortunately, no amount of dieting or exercise will alter their breast size, change the contour of their nose, or get rid of stubborn areas of ugly fat. A surgical operation is not suitable for everyone, despite the fact that “going under the knife” with plastic surgery may sound like the quickest and simplest approach to enhance appearance.

Even while the initial “why you want surgery” may seem obvious, actually stop and think about what is causing your uneasiness. Has your present boyfriend been pressuring you to have a more voluptuous form, or have you always wanted larger, more proportionate breasts? Have you been trying unsuccessfully to lose your “muffin top” for years at the gym? Or perhaps you’ve recently gone through a significant life event, like a divorce, breakup, or job loss, and you’re now convinced that a flatter tummy would improve your self-esteem.

Do your homework before choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon. Take your time determining the best course of action for your particular needs and financial situation. Get a second or third opinion if, following your consultation, you feel uncomfortable with the doctor or the clinic. When you are satisfied with the responses to these four important questions, you could be prepared to proceed with plastic surgery.

Infographic Design By Dr. Cat Begovic

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  1. Interesting. I would consider it if I had the money. There is only one I would definitely get, it would be the first treatment and that is dental cosmetic surgery.

    I have alot of problems with my teeth: partly through how dentistry was when I was a child and because my health conditions have affected my teeth too.

    There are other treatments I might consider however it’s unlikely I would get them. Those would be liposuction/tummy tuck and I have a slight indent on my nose I would have rectified.

    I do have tattooed eyebrows that are topped up yearly. I don’t use fillers or botox as I don’t need them. I have used facial yoga for years which is no recovery and free

    • Oh, lovely Carol. I like the sound of facial yoga. I have played around with the thought of having tattooed eyebrows for some time now.

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