How to Look Stylish on a Tight Budget

Who doesn’t want to look trendy and chic? To get the perfect look means you need to make a considerable investment in your wardrobe. But with a very limited budget, it can be very tricky. So how do we look stylish on a tight budget then? The truth is that you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money to look good. With just a little investment and some tweaks, you can look just as stylish as someone who has spent hundreds or thousands of pounds.





The trick to looking stylish is not exactly in the money spent on the clothing, rather, it is how you carry the pieces and combine them to achieve the style that people envy. In this article, I’ll show you just how you can look stylish on a tight budget. You’ll soon see that it’s not as difficult as the fashion gurus make you think it is.


The little things matter

The best things come in small packages, they say.  Little additions can go a long way in making you look really stylish. A good weapon, is your choice of accessories. Lovely looking accessories like a beautiful necklace or a pair of earrings can upgrade your outfit. The best part is that there are so many accessories that are really inexpensive but can dazzle your outfit in a big way.


Go back to the basics

Some people tend think that trendy outfits have to be elaborate. That’s not the case. Basic clothing like a t-shirt, a pair of jeans or a simple pencil skirt can look just as stylish. And they don’t have to cost so much. A slogan tee and a pair of jeans look really trendy.


Shop during the off-season

Did you know that you could get quality clothing at a low price during the off-season? Who would have known that right? It may seem a little strange buying summer clothing during the winter, but if you want to enjoy some designer clothing at a low price then you could do a little off-season shopping and shop for the coming season.




Choose clothes that have a neutral palette

More often than not, the colour of your clothing can go a long way than you think. Neutral palette like beige, white and even black can make really stylish pieces. A lovely black dress, perfectly styled with your favourite jewelry could make you look extremely stylish even if you don’t spend a penny.


Get creative with layering

The way you mix and match your clothing is a pretty effective way to look stylish on a tight budget. Usually, there is really no need to buy new clothes from head to toe before you can look stylish. But if you combine the clothes you already have and invest a little to cover the difference then you have an amazing outfit.


Stick with stylish timeless pieces

You know those items of clothing that never go out of style no matter the year we’re in? Those are the type of clothing you should go for. You may even have quite a number of stylish clothing in your wardrobe already!

Find out those evergreen stylish pieces, like a pair of blue jeans and style it with a nice looking top that you can buy from a thrift store at a bargain. Put on the trendiest pair of heels you’ve got in your wardrobe and a set of matching jewelry. No one would ever know the difference.


Do you have any stylish budget friendly tips to share? Please sound off in the comments section below.


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  1. I go for the sales, mixing and matching and thinking about the clothes I have at home. I have always been a minimalist clothes wise so it is easy to think on what I have. I keep the staple pieces in my wardrobe such as trousers, leggings and so on.

    Joe Brown’s have fab sales and I love using “Everything for a Fiver” too online. Recently they also had sales where I got items for £2-50 including shoes and boots. Best to do a larger order with them cos of postal

    • Yea always better to do a large order when possible so the postal comes free or is worth it. Thanks.

  2. I agree with all of these! I usually try to buy clothes that I know will go with what I already have, and sometimes I’ll find new combos of my current clothes so I create new outfits without spending anything. It’s hard to resist temptation though during sales and new season…

  3. Great post! It’s so true that you can get quality clothing at an affordable costs. Buying off season is also good for when you are looking for investment pieces like a leather jacket, suede boots, etc. Items like these will be deeply discounted during the Summer months.

  4. Many people don’t realize that I actually wear many of the same clothes over and over again but like you said it is in the details. I.e. a belt or different shoe can really change up a look x

  5. They’re all great tips Stella. I always hit the sales at the end of a season to grab a bargain for the next year. It can be great finding thing for me and my son and it’s like having a little present for yourself to open next year haha!

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