Giveaway – Sleek MakeUp 7 Piece Brush Set

Hey beautiful people! I have another giveaway for you. I am giving away this Sleek MakeUp 7 Piece Brush Set to one lucky beauty lover. Could it be you?


Sleek MakeUp 7 Piece Brush Set Image

Every female needs a fabulous makeup brush set in the makeup. Great brushes help massively when applying makeup. Since I discovered makeup brushes and sponges, I have not looked back. My makeup application has changed for the better. Makeup brushes are some of the most useful makeup tools ever!

Makeup brushes are a lot better than using fingers, and This 7 Piece Brush Set, made from both natural and synthetic fibres is the Truth! It is designed to help achieve the most flawless makeup application. The brush set contains –

A Foundation makeup brush
This is perfect for use with all liquid foundations.

A Powder makeup brush
This is great for use with all pressed or loose powders.

A Blush makeup brush
This is used to apply some blush.

An Eye Shadow makeup brush
This brush is perfect for applying eyeshadow.

An Eye Contour makeup brush
Perfect for use with applying eyeshadow, and creating contour across the eye area.

An Eyeliner/Brow makeup brush
This brush is great for adding some definition to eyes and brows.

A Lip makeup brush
This lip makeup brush is fab for applying lipgloss or lipstick.


Giveaway Rules
  1. Follow me on Twitter.
  2. RT this post.
  3. Follow me on Instagram.
  4. Leave a comment with your Twitter name, and tell me why you want this Sleek MakeUp’s 7 Piece Brush Set.


This giveaway is open to UK residents only, and ends 31st August at 10pm. The winner will be randomly selected and announced on Twitter within 24 hours of the giveaway closing. You must be over 18 years to take part. A new winner will be selected if the winner does not make contact within a week.


Good luck beauties!

79 responses

  1. Twitter name: @damnrica_ I NEED IT more than I want it. Because I love playing with make ups but I only have one brush for everything I aplly contour, powder blush and highlighter with the same brush 😁

  2. Heard great things about these brushes and would love to try for myself. My current brushes just aren’t cutting it.
    Following on Instagram @jazbaz1986 and Twitter @MummyBear123456

  3. Twitter name: @ixnozi. I just started loving make up and would really like to explore it even more. I feel as if make up gives a woman or a man build more confidence when networking with other people as appearance is also very important in this day and age. This make up brush kit will help me in boosting my confidence and just extend my knowledge with make up.

  4. @losetheflame I have a brush set that is mix and match and is due to be thrown in the trash. I’d love to have a new set! I get up at 5am and have a 2 hour commute to work and man… this would make my morning just a little bit brighter. Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  5. To introduce my teenage neice to this BRAND
    I’ve used this BRAND for years and she’s always complimenting and asking how I CREATE my finished look

  6. @95_pearson my whole make up bag is due for a HUGE revamp, if I win these I can spend more on the makeup to use them with 😀

  7. @Rachliv_ I’ll be off to University to study Fashion in September so a new set of Sleek brushes will make my makeup routine that little bit easier to complete for my morning lectures;)

  8. @hollyking1983 I’d love this as I just have some old cheap non matching brushes which my mum always comments are awful lol x

  9. @kazz_usher sadly Im one of these people that is slowly getting to grips with makeup the older I get, and I now know why its important to have good brushes, so I am in need of some brushes so I can actually start wearing make up the right way!

  10. Twitter name @sammih87
    Absolutely love to win this beautiful brush they look soft could be better on my skin for make up would love them. Instagram name lily05ruby08

  11. my twitter name is @78ReasonsNotTo . I would love to win these, as I am fed up of using my fingers, its about time I got more serious about my application. I did have brushes, until I tried to wash them, and I dont know what I did wrong, but I ruined them

  12. I would love these as I could really do with some new brushes. Thanks so much for the chance @Webkinny on twitter

  13. @cimejole wanting to win this for my wife she struggles with the brushes she has and I don’t know what type to buy to spoil her but know these would be great

  14. @fdrinkell daughter is going to do a beauty level 2 course once she fnishes school, she loves make up & is trying to build up her kit in order to start a portfolio, she would love these 🙂

  15. My twitter handle is @DizzyT1974 i don’t really own any decent make up brushes. I have a couple of random brushes such as a bronzer and blusher brush but a full set would be fantastic instead of using my fingers!!

  16. I’m going back to work in October after mat leave & would love these to help with my makeup to show I’ve not let myself go!
    Instagram katieo2500

  17. Twitter name is @Zakky7Lee
    I would love this as I desperately need some new brushes. Mine are very old (I dread to think how old!) and past it.

  18. @wildabouttheboy Mine are starting to stink and so it’s chucky out time. They just aren’t the same when washed no matter how carefully you dry them, there is always a faint smell of mustiness on them, so new would be very welcome thank you.

  19. I love sleek makeups! the quality is amazing, but I’ve never tried theirs brushes before. really would love to try these 🙂 Thank you. Twitter – @hackettlady

  20. @clarecraigjack – ive had these before and they are fantastic!!! used them until they fell to bits so would be great to have some ones that still have bristles!

  21. I would really love to have this be ause I don’t have a set and I own two brushes and would really like to learn with a full set.

  22. Thanks for the competition. I would love to win this for my partner who is always saying she needs new sets of brushes! Twitter: @AEBold123

  23. twitter: @pintsized_21 i would love to win as always loved sleek products theyre such good quality! and i am also in desperate need of some new brushes!

  24. @ljs217stebbings I need to win the brush set because my makeup set is tragic to be honest. I need to start with a decent set of basics so I can transform my mug!

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