Indoor Skiing with the family at Snozone

Prior to the kids closing from pre-school for the summer holiday, I knew I had to plan various activities to keep us busy as a family. My kiddies get really restless and mischievous, like most kids when they are bored. So I had to plan out different activities for each week. We are half way into the 6 weeks summer holidays, and so far, so good, we have been busy. They have been to 3 parties, visited Leicester, Essex and London. And last weekend, we were at Snozone Milton Keynes for a fun afternoon of indoor skiing.


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We had an amazing time. It was our first time skiing, and it was so much fun! We got to Snozone an hour before our private ski lesson was scheduled as advised, and headed off to the reception desk for our rental gears, and then to the changing rooms. We met our very helpful coach – Nicola, who put us through the skiing techniques and what we all we needed to know.



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The lesson was centered around the kids, who both had a lovely time, especially my little man. He took up the snow slopes like a pro. Looking at him skiing, you would think he has done this before. Little man was so confident, and picked up the basics immediately. He was loving it!


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We had an amazing time as a family. I am always very interested in activities we could all take part in as a family, and skiing is now one of our favourite sports, thanks to the lovely service we got at Snozone. The environment was safe and welcoming, with the real snow (my daughter was so in love with the snow, she couldn’t stop touching it), lovely coach, and excellent equipment. It is a great indoor activity to enjoy with the whole family, a break from the outdoors and the rain we have been having lately. A great way to have fun indoors, and escape the confused weather we are currently experiencing.

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Why are Indoor Skiing Lessons so cool

Ski lessons are also a great gym alternative. Our 1 hour lesson felt like a good body workout, I felt so good afterwards. And the kids had a well deserved nap shortly.

Now that we have experienced indoor skiing at Snozone, we have explored the thrill and fun of this snow sport, and we are sold! I know we will be skiing again for sure. It is a fun family friendly activity, and it is good for my waist line too!


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Where can you find Snozone?

Snozone is open all year round (except Christmas Day). You could find Snozone in Milton Keynes (which we visited), and Castleford. Both venues provide first-class indoor snow facilities for skiing and snowboarding, as well as other snow experiences, such as sledging, and family snow play sessions. A great way to have fun and work out.


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Have you ever gone indoor skiing? Have you been to Snozone? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Fat Reduction Treatment – CoolSculpting

In my teenage years and early twenties, my weight was up and down a lot. I was never overweight, but I did battle with weight gain quite regularly. Back then, it was a “thing” to be curvy, so most of us actually went out of our way to put on some extra weight. So I know what it feels like to carry to feel a heavier than normal. I added weight as normal while pregnant with my twins, and I dropped the weight off quite quickly too, which was good. Only to add a bit more again some years. So I worked on my exercise and diet, and dropped it all off. The point I am trying to make is that I know all about being heavier than you would like, and I know many women and men struggle with being overweight. And that is why I am very happy to hear about this non surgical fat reduction treatment called CoolSculpting.


Fat Reduction Treatment Image


CoolSculpting is a non surgical fat reduction treatment, that gets rid of stubborn exercise-and-diet-resistant fat. The treatment works by using controlled cooling to get rid of stubborn fat that resists all efforts through diet and exercise. It is an easy treatment with amazing results. The results are noticeable and lasting, and it is so popular at the moment.


Here are 3 CoolSculpting facts you need to remember, just incase you are considering this fat reduction treatment –

It is an easy fat reduction treatment with amazing results

The results are amazing. I watched the CoolSculpting Youtube video, and was blown away by how flat the patient’s tummy became. It was like magic.


No surgery required

This Fat Reduction Treatment is non invasive, has no downtime and only minimal discomfort. There is also no anaesthetic used.


Suitable for all skin types

CoolSculpting is suitable for all skin types. The treatment is suitable for the following areas –

  • Belly fat
  • Double chin
  • Flabby thighs
  • Love handles
  • Saggy bum
  • Back fat


If you struggling with excess body weight in any of these body parts, and you want to get the weight off, CoolSculpting may be the right treatment for you.


Have you heard of this fat reduction treatment before? What do you think? Please share your views (respectfully) in the comments section below.

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