Protecting damaged hair: How to achieve perfect silky locks

Summer is the perfect time for free–flowing waves that behave themselves with little care. Plus, it’s usually far too hot to be using hairdryers and straighteners on your hair. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of products and styling tips that will help you achieve perfect silky locks while protecting damaged hair during the summer months.



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Switch up how you wash your hair

Most shampoos contain sodium laurel sulphate which is essentially just a detergent, and not very good for our hair. Look for products that are recommended by hairdressers, and speak to your local salon if you’re not sure. Net-a-Porter recommends Marie-Stella-Maris’ ‘No.51’ shampoo that is 100% natural with Aloe Vera, Vitamin B and a mix of essential oils.


Ditch the heat

With warmer weather you don’t really need to dry your hair before leaving the house. If you stop yourself from styling using curlers, straighteners or just your hair dryer you will notice massive improvements in the quality of your hair. To achieve beautiful naturally dried locks, look for salt sprays, texturisers and curl creating products to give your hair some character. If you struggle with flat straight hair, plait your trusses in chunky sections while it’s still wet and undo them when it’s dry for easy beach girl waves.


Hide the damage

If your natural hair is too damaged to be left to its own devices, it’s time to call in for some back up. We’re talking adding more of what you’ve got, but less damaged. If you aren’t sure how to get instant hair extensions, it’s actually really easy and there’s no need to visit a salon. Simply find your hair colour and when you need a little bit extra of extra volume, clip in your hair extensions.


Protecting damaged hair

We slather sun cream all over our bodies but we’re less vigilant when it comes to protecting our hair from the bleaching rays of the sun. “If you don’t protect your hair, the sun can actually shift your hair colour and also change your hair texture by drying it out,” says hair colourist Daniel Sanchez speaking to ELLE magazine. To prevent bleaching and drying out, protect your hair with a sun spray. Clarins spray-on sun cream oil spray is for your hair and body, which is great because you don’t have to carry so many bottles around with you.


This summer, take these extra steps to protecting your hair and ensuring it looks great every day with little effort and fuss.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of the summer season.



Top 5 Qualities of a Professional Wedding Planner

When it comes to planning a wedding, it’s all about personalization. Everyone wants their big day to be unique, with everything customized to their needs and tastes. That’s where a professional wedding planner comes in. Choose the wrong one, and you’re destined for failure. The right wedding planner ensures a successful and memorable big day. 

An organizer’s level of creativity is what will help you achieve the wow-effect.  


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Wondering what sets a wedding organizer apart? Here are some top qualities to look for.


Creativity And Innovativeness

Planning a wedding that stands out is not just about your ideas. You need to work with a creative and experienced planner who can build from those ideas and execute them. A great organizer with a reputation for excellence will offer fresh wedding ideas and go a long way to impress you and even exceed your expectations.

According to Sweet Services, a company that offers candy buffets for weddings, a creative event planner works hard to find the best vendors and suppliers to match your wedding ideas. 

A great wedding organizer will provide those brides with alternative ways of finding the perfect wedding dress by recommending an online store, such as this one here, that offers numerous bridal gown styles.



Attention To Detail

A good professional wedding planner should have a dedicated team of experts that is detail-driven. Teamwork is critical in ensuring that everything goes according to plan. You need an organizer with extensive experience with wedding event logistics and one who will go an extra mile to ensure every task runs efficiently.  

There is a lot involved in planning a successful wedding, and anything can go wrong. Many brides forget to include this when it comes to planning a wedding. It’s all about personalization. Everyone wants their big day to be unique, with everything customized to their needs and tastes. That’s where a professional wedding organizer comes in. Choose the wrong one, and you’re destined for failure. The right wedding planner ensures a successful and memorable big day.



Reliable And Organized

For a day that requires multiple tasks to be completed on time, a wedding requires high organizational skills. This is a must have. If your organizer is not reliable and organized or looks confused and overwhelmed, chances are the same qualities will be spread to your big day.

Any successful wedding plan requires a professional organizer who is inventive and resourceful enough to work out and present all critical essentials in one well-organized framework, comfortably within your finances and with a clear understanding of your exact requirements.  



On-time And On Budget

A good wedding organizer is always on time and on-budget with service delivery. This comes with years of experience planning different types of weddings and working with varying budgets. A seasoned wedding planner will offer financial advice, set up workable options and present an impressive wedding package that meets your special needs and budget.

When finding your perfect wedding organizer, look for good negotiation skills. This will help you get the best deals in town without compromising the quality.




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Collaborative And Flexible

While the professional wedding organizer will take care of most of the planning work, you still need to be in charge of the process. Collaboration is key in ensuring a successful event. Is the planner taking your inputs and thoughts seriously? Do they consult you before making decisions? Do you communicate regularly?

Flexibility is also important when it comes to dealing with inconveniences or unexpected disappointments. Does the organizer have a network of reliable service providers you can count on to deliver services?

At the end of the day, choosing a wedding planner with these qualities gives you peace of mind and ensures that you have the best day of your life.


What are your thoughts on these professional wedding planner qualities? Have you used the services of a wedding planner? Please share your experience in the comments section below.


*Collaborative post.

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