Giveaway – Win Thorntons Christmas Selection Chocolates

I got something for my chocolate loving readers. You may be the lucky winner of this Thorntons Christmas Selection Chocolates! Could it be you? I am a huge fan of Thorntons Chocolates. There are always quality and every box really looks good. There are one of the best chocolate brands in the market today.


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This chocolate box is all about Christmas. From the gorgeous packaging with the beautiful purple box, decorated with magical Christmas images. To the specially selected, delicious milk, white and dark chocolates. This chocolate box would make many people smile this Christmas.

Inside are 37 festive favourites, such as the comforting Creamy Fudge Star, seasonal Vanilla Snowflake, warming Coffee Truffle, exotic Turkish Delight and rich Nutty Caramel, not forgetting the very special milk chocolate Festive Christmas Tree. If you are a true chocolate lover, this Limited Edition Thorntons Christmas Chocolates selection would be right up your street!



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Rules of Giveaway

The rules of this giveaway are fairly simple. All you have to do is –

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  4. In the comment section, share any fun family Christmas traditions. Remember to leave your Twitter name so I know where to find you.

The giveaway is open to 18+ UK residents only. It ends on 17th December at 10pm. The lucky winner will be randomly selected and contacted within 24 hours of the giveaway ending.

You can also like my Facebook page to keep up with me on Facebook. I do share a few photos and posts exclusively on there. So it is worth keeping up with if you want.


This would be my last giveaway this year so good luck everyone. I am planning next year’s content already and I can promise there would be more giveaways. So keep reading.


43 responses

  1. As we are a HUGH family -our main tradition is to all go to Christmas eve mass – been celebrating this way for 50 years – dad at the helm singing his heart out
    So far 44 have confirmed they will be celebrating – waiting on another 40
    MERRY Christmas to you all

  2. I miss the Christmas morning dog walk everyone’s so friendly, dogs have their new squeaky toys, so even if it’s raining, it’s a good reason for everyone to get outside for a bit. @JudeVFR400

  3. After Christmas meal, as a family we all play board games or cards and then we watch National Lampoons Christmas Vacation on DVD.

  4. We leave cookies and milk for santa, carrots for the reindeers and a can of lager for santa off our teenage son who finds it funny xxx @kaylzakamummy2

  5. My fun family tradition… don’t speak to each other lol. Oh I shouldn’t laugh really. There’s a lot of not not so nice stuff that informs it, but when there’s no other choice… hey at least no Xmas dinner table fights, the prezzie bill is lower, and Xmas dinners for one aren’t that bad either :-). GmomodS

  6. We or should I say my dad makes a dish called cappelletti. Pasta parcels in chicken broth. We only have it this time of year and it’s my favourite dish.

  7. After Christmas dinner, we clear the table and the whole family ( aunties, nephews, grannies etc) plays silly box games- we’ve been doing it since we were kids with our own parents,and now we’re doing it with our own kids. @todojel

  8. We’ve not got any traditions as it’s complete mayhem all over the christmas holidays with all the family staying and visitors..I just go with it, it’s the only way not to get stressed out! lol

  9. We have a Christmas Eve box with chocolate coins , scratch cards and little gifts to open together after tea X Twitter name is @murtle42

  10. I always work late Christmas Eve so we always have a Chinese. It’s happened for so long it has now become a tradition!

  11. We always have a special breakfast on Christmas day and if we’re staying at home we can have a pj day. We’ve got into doing a Christmas eve box too so we can all chill together and watch a film.

  12. Thanks for the chance! Our favourite has got to be the children choosing a new bauble for the tree every year. In years to come my tree will be completely covered with the decorations they’ve chose over the years xx

  13. My whole family always meets on christmas day to exchange gifts and share a delicious dinner cooked by my sister in law!
    instagram – @twiddle.dee twitter – @nataliegillham

  14. We all help to get the turkey dinner prepared on Christmas eve then settle down for the evening with a pre Christmas hot pot and mulled wine

  15. We bake every year, whilst daddy goes to the pub. once daddy comes home he tests the food, and we all watch a film under blankets in the living room with snacks til bedtime! kelcig69

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