How to keep your home safe while on holiday

The holiday season would soon be here, so it makes sense to start thinking how to keep your hope while on holiday. A good number of break-ins happen when the property is empty. Which is why we have to take our home security very seriously.

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I am currently working on a campaign with on tips on burglary and keeping our home safe while on vacation. Here are my 5 top home safety tips.

Check your home insurance

It is shocking to find that many people still do not have home insurance. Before going on holiday, you need to make sure you have a home insurance policy that covers your needs and the event your home is broken into while you are on vacation. It may also be wise to have an alarm system in your home as some providers offer lower insurance premiums if you have one installed. Verisure Smart Alarms is one security company to look into as the brand offers different types of security systems to suit your home.

Leave your house looking occupied

You should mow the lawn before you go away on holiday if you need to. Leave your curtains and blinds half-opened. Having a car in the driveway is a great idea if possible. Also, ensure you cancel any regular deliveries like the milk or newspapers.

Keep your valuables safe

If you have to keep anything of value in the house, like money or expensive jewellery, you need to keep them in a place no one would think of checking. Don’t leave valuables lying around and make sure anything you do leave cannot be seen from outside the house.

Don’t tell the world you are going on holiday

I tell only few selected people about my holidays before I go. Sharing actual dates of holidays and how long you will be away for is a no-no. This is the easiest way to invite burglars into your home while you are on holiday.

Try not to post pictures on social media from your holiday destination

Now I know this is a tough one for bloggers, especially travel bloggers. But it is important we don’t advertise the fact that our home is vacant and that is what posting holiday pictures while on holiday does. Social media platforms are like windows into our lives, so we have to be smart. If you must share holiday snaps on social media while on vacation, ensure your security game is tight and only a selected group of people can view your photos.

How do you keep your home safe while on holiday? Please share your tips in the comments section.

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  1. We have locks on our bedroom doors and a safe so all small valuables like jewellery go in the safe.

    The bedroom locks mean if the house is going to be empty that is another layer of security if someone does get in they have to get through.

    Petty thieves want ease of access and in and out. Pro burglars only go for the big palatial expensive homes and they are planned.

    • Very true. Once you make it hard for anyone to break in, you will likely not have a break in.

  2. I am so bad at posting pictures of my destination sometimes even before I depart the airport but I always lock up, security on and my sister checks my home when I am away. Cool tips

  3. Really good tips here, especially for those who will be going away in the coming months! Always good to pack up the car quick and not shout about where you’re going when packing the car!

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  5. I could not agree more about not shouting out that you are on holiday on social media when you are still there – that said I have a holiday home and do love it when guests put up pictures online … just so long as they are back home when they do it or have other family members/friends left at home.

    • Yea posting photos one you are back home safe or have people watching your home is good. I think many of us, myself included, get carried away with the excitement when on holiday, and go crazy on social media.

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