What to Pack for a Holiday with a Baby or Toddler

Going away as a family is bound to create lots of memories you’ll remember for years to come. But it’s always those things you’d rather forget that keep being brought up again and again. No need to cringe every time you think about Sally’s nappy explosion where you were left nappy-less and unprepared. You won’t be covering your face at the memory of Jimmy having a full-blown meltdown by the pool because he’s finally remember his teddy is thousands of miles away on another continent. Why? Because we’ve thought of all those items you need to pack when going on holiday with a baby or toddler.


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How to Entertain Your Children Abroad

Going to a new place is exciting. Admittedly, though, a short attention span means your child may be less enthused by the idea of a new place with endless adventure. We don’t understand either. So it’s a good idea to pack a few essentials. Include their favourite toys, as they’ll likely be wailing for it as soon as you touchdown on foreign soil. You should also buy a few new toys. New toys will have a longer lifetime before they’re unceremoniously labelled boring and discarded.

For hot locations, why not buy cheap water guns? Sets of figurines of their favourite characters or cars are also great for something that doesn’t take up too much space but offers hours of fun. In dire situations, just give them the iPad. Loading up a tablet with games and films is a great way to occupy during the flight. Turns out it’s just as good when they’re driving you mad and you just want 10 minutes of peace to lie in the sun.


Be Prepared with Kids Clothing

Don’t take any chances. Accidents happen and that’s why you might find yourself packing an extra top for yourself. When it comes to kids, accidents happen quite a lot. When it comes to packing, squeeze in as many extra outfits as you can, as well as nappies – or pants if you’re in the midst of the joy that is potty training. It also goes without saying that you should pack those few additional items for yourself, too. Because who knows, their accident may be one they’d like to share, and you want to avoid washing at all costs whilst on your relaxing (?) family holiday.


Take Baby Food on Holiday

Realistically you may only be thinking as far ahead as the flight in terms of what you can and can’t take, but you should also look beyond security checks and restrictions. Especially when travelling with a baby, formula milk and baby food might not be as accessible in the country you’re visiting, or it may not agree with your child. Depending on what stage you’re at, it’s likely best to cater for the worst-case scenario and ensure you’ve brought supplies so your child doesn’t go hungry.

Bring jars of baby food, easily tucked and protected in the folds of your clothes in hold luggage, as well as enough formula milk to see you through. If you’re concerned about luggage allowance, you can always click and collect at a branch within the airport. By click and collecting, it also means you can benefit from great savings using websites like Discount Promo Codes on Boots or Superdrug orders. Get money off your online order but benefit from the ease of picking up right when you need it.


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Remember to Take a Pram

You may ‘um’ and ‘ah’ about whether or not to take the pram away with you, especially if you have a toddler. Future you will be grateful though if you just bite the bullet and take it. It’s worth calling ahead if you’re staying in a hotel to see if they provide them, but if not you’ll be prepared for a tired sensitive toddler and avoid walking at a snail’s pace at the hottest point of the day. When it comes to extra charges in your luggage allowance, it’s worth taking a look at the airline you’re flying with. For example, EasyJet allows you to take two items free of charge when travelling with under 5s, from pushchairs to car seats and other options. British Airways also allows you to take a pushchair for free with your checked baggage.


What Swimming Essentials Do You Need for Your Child?

It would be a nightmare to forget your swimming essentials. No one goes abroad and doesn’t make the most of the pool facilities. With a little one, there are a number more items needed than just your swimming cossie. For babies, you’ll likely want to bring their swim float. You can buy rings that they’re able to comfortably sit and bob along in. For toddlers, arm bands give them some independence as they splash around in the pool. It also goes without saying to stock up on swimming nappies. No one wants to be evacuating the pool in a hurry and, much like regular nappies, you’ll have more peace of mind knowing you’re well supplied rather than risking seeing what you can pick up whilst you’re away.

When travelling with little ones, the main piece of advice to stick to is to come prepared. We can all collectively agree mum’s are better off being overpacked and overprepared than left in a sticky situation – quite literally. Make the most of the weight allowance you have and even ensure you’re getting the most out of your hand luggage, too. Sacrificing an extra pair of your shoes is a worthy loss to avoid a Sally poo-nami after all.

What do you pack for a holiday with a baby to toddler? Please sound off in the comments section.

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  1. Haven’t done it for many years with a baby as I am on the Granna stage now. However then and now I have the same template for holidays with or without children.

    I have a holiday list I check over a few months before we go away each year (kept on my office now as we are in the digital age) to make sure nothing needs to be added etc.

    I also keep a holiday box basics for such as wash line, pegs, suncreams I buy when on offer and so on.

    The holiday list is then a check list for packing

  2. For everyone that travels far with your young children, you are my hero’s! We have only traveled domestically and my daughter is now 8. I want to wait until the teen years to go international with her, I think it will be less stressful.

  3. Haha! They are great tips. Not a parent yet but I can seriously see myself using these tips when I became a daddy.

  4. I can only imagine how challenging it is to pack for a baby and family! I know I already overpack for just myself, so I’m sure parents will appreciate your tips. Being prepared and planning activities ahead of time will totally help with knowing what to pack. Baby or no baby!

  5. WHat a great list!! I don’t have kids but I never thought about when you back you need to pack things for their entertainment as well!!

  6. Thank you, it was very insightful. We just traveled with our 8 month-old a month ago, South Asia-Europe and back. I was so stressed and anxious when packing and preparing for long haul flight. But for my surprise, all the flights were wonderful, our baby girl enjoyed them, no complaints whatsoever 🙂 The only thing I wasn’t prepared for, was an extra bag of wet wipes. We ran out of the pack quite fast because toys were dropped on the ground, or they just fell, sticky little fingers and so on. I think that it might be easier to fly with a younger infant than a toddler (not that I’ve flown with a toddler though:)), because a baby would just eat and sleep while toddlers need to explore, haha. I can’t wait for our next trip and see how that goes!

    • Oh no! Wipes are so useful. I like to have an extra pack just incase. Travelling with babies is usually easier than with toddlers. I bet your next trip would go smoothly again.

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