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Since I learnt how to walk in heels, I enjoy wearing them. But not for too long if I am completely honest. Heels are great to look at. They are super stylish and make long kegs look even longer, but they are not the most comfortable sort of footwear to wear about. I wanted to give this look an extra wow factor, as a Fashion Blogger, which is why I decided to style the dress with the Stilettos heels.


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The Black Patterned Front Shift Dress is a new wardrobe addition. I got it some weeks and I really like it. It is a great piece to style this season and I plan to style the hell out of it.

The pink crossbody bag is also new wardrobe addition. I got in Macys while on holiday in the US. It is a really pretty accessory. I love it and I know it is going to come in very handy this season and after.


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I am happy we are finally getting some steady sunshine. The weather has been great for weeks now, and I am hoping it stays that way. Good to be able to show some more skin and rock spring/summer outfits. My wardrobe has been sorted out for the season. I got to work on it over the weekend and I am happy it is finally sorted. My winter pieces and accessories are now safe in storage for next 6 months.


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What do you think of this outfit? How is the weather where you are? Drop a comment in the comments section, lets chat.

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Black Patterned Front Shift Dress – c/0 BlackBetty

Black and Gold Stilettos – New Look

Pink Crossbody Bag – Calvin Klein

Black Sunglasses – Marc Jacobs






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  1. I love your outfit with the pink bag! I agree over heels. I rarely wear them. When I did for a wedding recently I took a pair of flat shoes to put on after the service, photos at the wedding reception. Yes the flats did go with the outfit. Oh and the weather is lovely here too

  2. I love that bag! Its such a good piece. I wouldn’t normally pair it with that dress however it does work!

  3. I am loving your outfit! It’s been crazy with the weather lately and it’s nice to finally be able to wear comfier dresses and outfits. I love your shoes as well!!

  4. Such a nice post that bag is so perfect for that black dress. You have a good fashion style, thanks for sharing this.

  5. You are too lucky! I think I have more to do when it comes to walking in heels since for sure, I’ll always have an extra pair of flat shoes in my bag!Ha-ha! Anyway, your stiletto heels are just cute and they complete your look perfectly!

  6. I want to be that blogger in stilettos! Cute outfit. I especially love the little pink bag. It’s so hard to find simple (not too ornate) small but not too small purse to carry around the things you can’t live without!
    The only thing I need to do is learn how to walk in stilettos! LOL.

  7. I think the outfit is lovely. The stilettos go well with it although aren’t something I can wear as I’m not good with heels unfortunately. Love the splash of colour from the bag x

  8. Well, you are right about the stilettos… they’re FABULOUS! Love them. But I bet that dress would look just as great with cowboy boots on. Either way, you make it look really good.

  9. You do look pretty awesome in the outfit. I really love the heels. As for the weather, it’s been a bit schizophrenic here, going from hot to cold. And now we are kind of perfect spring weather.

  10. You look nice! I love stilettos up to 4 inches! I can walk better in them than with wedges because I can balance myself better. I am thinking of getting a new one for a wedding I am attending. If only I have the budget. pffft…

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