How long did it take for you to pass your driving test

What’s the worst part about learning to drive? The inevitable practical test that we need to pass before gaining our independence on the roads.

Nowadays, unless you live in central London, having a driving licence is a very useful commodity. It’s useful for work, holidays and driving your friends and family around as a chauffeur service.

The build up to the test is a nerve wracking experience. You’ve invested all that time and money into practicing, organising a car and promising people lifts once you pass. It’s not a cheap endeavour and the test itself is the final hurdle before you can be let loose!

There are a few interesting statistics when it comes to the UK driving test which are covered in an infographic from Absolute Reg.

Using official government data, they’ve shared some key facts about practical driving test pass rates that you might not know about. Or might not want to know about…


UK Driving Image


In 2017, the pass rate for UK car driving tests was 47.1% for people taking the test on their first attempt. Meaning that over half of people fail, so don’t get too disheartened if this happens to you. You’re actually in the majority.

It’s also revealed that the pass rate is higher for men. 50.6% of men passed with the rate lower for women at 43.9%.

Living in a big city like London is also a downside if you’re taking your test. London test takers have a lower pass rate, which is unsurprising given the greater number of distractions you have to deal with on the roads and other drivers getting in your way. So taking your test in a more remote location could be a great option if you’re struggling to pass.

And although young drivers have a bad reputation on the roads, the 16-25 age group has the highest pass rate!


My thoughts

These results don’t surprise me. I am yet to pass my driving test. My theory test has now expired so I will need to take that test again too. I had my first driving test about 5 years ago. I was heavily pregnant with the twins and paranoid. So failing my test came as no surprise.

I am looking forward to passing my driving tests this year. Driving would bring a new form of independence. I won’t have to over plan my trips or wait for anyone to take me where I need to go.


Have you passed your driving tests? How long did it take you to pass them?


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33 responses

    • Yes it is so different for everyone. It has taken me years and thousands of pounds and I am still on it 😐

  1. I’ve actually on recently started driving lesson! Just passed my theory and hoping I’d pass before it expires :):) Fingers crossed I pass the practical test too. Looks like 3 is the magic number 🙂

    • Good luck with your driving test. I hope you pass it. I plan to take a second test before the end of the year.

  2. I took my driving test in Denmark and passed first time but I kind of want to redo it to ensure I know what I’m doing here as some things are different.

  3. This is really reassuring about the number of other people who have taken 6 driving tests too. I think the financial side of things is such a burden. Our son past first time but we pretty much helped him and he had no bills etc to worry about paying.

  4. Some interesting statistics. I passed on my 3rd attempt🙈😃. I think it took nearly a year, although i did take some breaks inbetween. Definitely worth it, I’m sure you’ll get on it and pass it. Good luck x

    • I hear 3 is the lucky number when it comes to driving test. I hope I pass mine on my next attempt 😊

  5. I haven’t passed my test yet, I have just never gotten around to taking lessons as things always get in the way. I think I am going to learn next year though as I find a need a car now my children are getting older x

  6. I passed within 3 months of my 17th birthday but I lived in the sticks and was desperate to drive. My son is learning at the moment and seems to be taking forever

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