Dubai – My Favourite Travel Destination

Dubai is one of my favourite holiday destinations. We have visited Dubai 3 times now, and I am looking forward to planning our 4th trip. I think Dubai should be on every travel list. It is truly an amazing place to holiday. It is great for families with children as well as couples. We have visited the country as a couple and as family of 4, and we had lovely experiences on every trip.


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Here are some of the reasons why Dubai is my favourite travel destination-


Great for shopping

The fashion lovers would love Dubai because it is a great place to shop. There is a yearly stopping festival that would suit the shopping lovers. This year it is happening from 26th December to 28th December. It is a fantastic shopping festival with loads of activities. We were lucky enough to experience the shopping festival 2 years ago. It was a great experience; one I would never forget. The amazing fireworks were beautiful to watch. And the jaw dropping bargains were great for my travel money.

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A lot to see

There is so much to see in Dubai. From Jumeirah Beach, to the famous dessert, to Wild Wadi Water Parks, and the Gold Souk. There is somewhere to explore for everyone. You can’t be bored in Dubai regardless of how many times you have visited. There is always something new to see.


You get value for money

We get good value for money when we visit the Middle East. Some of the main tourist attraction can be a little pricey. But when it comes to things like taxis, food and drinks, and hotels, Dubai is reasonably cheap, unlike many other popular travel destinations.


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Amazing weather

The Dubai weather is so beautiful. The best time to visit Dubai is between December and March. The weather is nice and warm then, unlike other months in the year where it could be unbearably hot. We visited Dubai last July and it was fun but dead hot. Almost too hot to do anything. I won’t be doing that again.

Have you visited Dubai before? What do you think of the travel destination? Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading. Have a lovely day.


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  1. Never been to Dubai. Definitely on a to do list.

    Isn’t travelling to Dubai in December more expensive? I hope not do I can enjoy the fashion festival to the fullest, lol.

    • It is more expensive than other times in the year but I like it. The weather isn’t too warm and the extra fun is worth the price.

  2. I haven’t visited Dubai but I spent July and August one year in Saudi and the heat was extreme. Everyone I’ve spoken to about Dubai raves about it so we must put it on our to-do list x

  3. I would love to visit Dubai one day. It is in my top destination spot. When you were there, did you get to do the desert safari and riding with camels. One of my friend told me they rented Jeep meant to ride in the sand and just drove around for hours. Staying overnight at the desert would be nice. They have lots of events and activities going on. You could stay in a big tent. At least that’s what I have heard so far.

  4. The best thing I like about the city is Glamour. You can shop for amazing appreal and high end adventure in Dubai.

    I love desert safari and lucky when we got a cool wind with that.

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