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Hey Fashion Lovers! This is my first outfit post of the month. These last couple of days have been incredibly busy. I am struggling to keep on top of all I need to do but I made some time to take these outfit photos. When there is a will, there is a way!

This was my Valentine’s Day look. I decided to go for a red lip and tone the rest of my look down. I was in no mood for a full on red look, and besides we are still in the middle of winter season. It doesn’t look like the season will be ending anytime soon.


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I am hoping we get to experience the warmer spring weather soon. This extreme cold is driving me nuts. And I would love to start rocking some spring pieces.

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The sweater I have on is a new wardrobe addition. I got it as a Christmas present, and wore if for the first time some days. It is a lovely sweater with a good fit. I adore the material it is made from. It is such a good quality. I am so in love with it.

The leggings is new as well. I got it some days ago while doing a bit of shopping on the high street. I am forever shopping for leggings as I find them dead comfy and easy to style. And they are forever ripping, so I am forever buying. If you know of any quality  leggings brand, please say so in the comments section. I think I need a few quality pairs that will rip so quickly.


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The boots are new and so comfortable. It felt like I was stepping on a very soft surface in them. I highly recommend them.

What do you think of this look? What do you wear on Valentine’s Day? Please sound off in the comments section below, let’s chat.


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Blue Sweater – Lacoste

Black Legginsg – Peacocks

Brown Ascot Waterproof High Leg Riding Boots – c/o Chatham

Cream Bag – Michael Kors

Watch – Apple

Infinity Pendant Necklace – Tiffany and Co


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  1. I like the look and your sense of style. The sweater and boots caught my eye and they do look really comfortable. That handbag of yours is also very eye-catching. Hope it starts to warm up a bit there soon.

  2. I love this outfit of yours! The sweater is so appealing to me. I need to get that. Oh, and your boots are fantastic! I haven’t had a pair like them ever. It does look so comfy, and I love that it is waterproof too!

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  4. Hii! I love your posts and read them all the time when I can. I’ve just made myself a blog as I was inspired by all of your posts to do so. Please, if you could take some time to check out my first post and leave some feedback that would be amazing!! Thank you. Ps this Lippie is lushhh!!!

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  6. I totally agree with the leggings! I love them and they’re soo comfortable. I choose them over everything. I have the same problem though. They’re constantly ripping. Im purchasing new leggings every 2 weeks. Its hectic. I definitely agree with the more casual look for Valentines Day especially considering the weather. That sweater is so cute!! Love the blue.
    Nice work.

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