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I have admired the reality star – Millie Mackintosh right from her early days in Made in Chelsea (MIC). It was one of my favourite reality shows back in day, and I have admired Millie Mackintosh since I spotted her in first season. She was one of the prettiest cast members. And I thought her skin was simply flawless. I still think her skin is flawless. She is definitely extra blessed in the beauty department, which is why I believe she is a Beauty Muse.


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Fast forward to 2018, Mackintosh has now left the reality show and marriage to Professor Green behind. The 28-year-old beauty is now a business owner with a clothing line, jewellery and eyelashes collections. She is now well-known in the fashion, beauty, and fitness industry as an icon.

I came across an interview Millie had with Get the Gloss sometime ago and I found some bits very interesting. Here is an excerpt from the interview.


What does great skincare mean to you?

Eye masks are great for tired puffy eyes and I also like to sleep with a hydrating mask on overnight to rescue skin from dehydration.


I have never tried an eye mask before. That is now on my beauty shopping list. I would like to try a hydrating mask overnight too on those when my skin needs some extra TLC. I will be shopping that too!


What makes you feel good from the inside out? Are there any supplements that you take?

I always use Vitamin C for my immune system. Magnesium is great for muscle recovery and calming nerves. Acidophilus is really good for digestion and 5-HTP is great for energy, particularly if you’re jet lagged. 


Vitamin C is so good. I always make sure I have Vitamin C chewable tablets in the house. They do wonders to my overall health.

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What do you think of Millie Mackintosh as a beauty muse?

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  1. I love Millie Mackintosh! She is always posting skincare related content on her Instagram and whatever she’s doing I’m happy to try because it’s clearly working for her 🙂

    I recently have started using cooling eye gel patches from Skyn Iceland and they are miracle workers for decreasing puffiness in the under eye area!

  2. I really need to start taking supplements to “feel good inside and out” I was actually thinking about that this morning and then read this post. Such a wonderful interview, she’s gorgeous!

  3. I’ve never heard of Millie Mackintosh before this post. But I will definitely be looking her up on instagram and keeping up with her because I totally agree with you, she is a beauty muse!!

  4. I think there’s definitely a lot to supplements and I notice when I slack on taking mine. Now if I could just start drinking more water, eating better, and getting more active, I’d have it licked! Loved the interview!

  5. I need to start taking some vitamin C tablets too but I’d never know which ones to go for. Thanks for the insightful blog, I’d never heard of her until now

  6. What an inspiring story! And only at 28 too. I so agree with Chelf, she has this classic beauty vibe to her. Thanks for the advice Millie!

  7. It’s embarrassing but I’ve never heard of her before. So I am really glad I read your post and I loved it.

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