How to Sound More Relatable on Your Blog

Blogging is a lot different from other forms of writing. It’s more informal, personal and relatable. I like to think of blogging like having a good conversation with a good friend at Starbucks. But instead of talking, you’re writing it all down.

As a blogger, it took me time to ease into the unique style of writing blogging offers. I had to learn to be more relatable to my audience. With a lot of practice I was able to master the art of effectively communicating with my audience through my blog.


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If you’ve also been struggling with trying to sound more relatable on your blog, here are some tips that may help.


  1. Look for a common ground

Imagine you’re meeting someone for the first time. What’s the best way to get a conversation started? Of course, by talking about something that they’re interested in. But what sustains the conversation? It’s if the thing they’re interested in interests you too.

That’s exactly how it’s like when you’re blogging. To sound more relatable in your blog you need to find a common ground that both you and your audience are interested in.

Share similar experiences. You can also use the same words and expressions they would have used. Identifying the similarities you have with your audience is a great way to create content that they can easily relate with.


  1. Show empathy

Before you start crafting content for your blog, always have it at the back of your mind that your audience wants to connect with someone who is as human as they are. So when you’re blogging, show empathy. Let your content show them that you care about their feelings, their challenges and their goals. Show that you understand them.


  1. Inject gratitude and appreciation

Your blog is nothing without your readers.  So the least you could do is to thank your readers for stopping by your blog or taking time to read your blog post. You may not necessarily write a long thank you note in your blog post. A line or two in the comments thanking your readers for their time can make a big difference.


  1. Imagine you’re having a conversation with a good friend

I think this is the key to writing that perfect relatable blog post. And the funny thing is that this is the tip that most bloggers miss the most.

Ask yourself: How would you talk about your blog topic with your close friend?

Don’t look at your blog as a place where only you do the talking. You need to picture yourself having a conversation with a member of your target audience. It’s so much easier to relate with someone who is trying to engage you in conversation than with someone who is trying to pour all the information in one swoop.

Add some personality.  Use words (no swear words) you would use in real life like “duh”, ”yay” or “ouch”.  Such words make your audience feel like they are having a conversation with a real person. Don’t be afraid to throw in some insider jokes that your audience can relate with.


What are your thoughts on these blogging tips? How do you sound more relatable on your blog?

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  1. It’s a pity many more don’t do what you do Stella. Yours along with a couple of other blogs are the only ones I read regularly.

    So many bloggers don’t interact with their readers. At least that’s how I have found it to be. I don’t bother too much with those blogs unless an article happens to catch my eye. I read it and leave

    Great post Stella. I agree with all you say

  2. Thank you for sharing such good advice on blogging! As someone who’s more structured, i find myself spending a lot of time coming up with “soft” captions for my instagram posts. Will definitely apply you advice going fwd!

  3. I thought this advice was very good. I do think it encapsulates the secret to good blog posts – so many just read like advertising copy.

  4. I am a journalist by training, so I didn’t think that blogging would come naturally – but it did. I write my posts like I’m talking or writing in a diary … it feels so much more natural than the staid and starchy formal writing. I struggle to be a journalist now!

  5. I love your blog and your words of advice, I’m new here and hoping to learn from a pro like you.. LOL , I love what you’re doing and I do have the passion to do what I want to talk and share . However I’m still trying to navigate my way around.

  6. Agreed , and I feel like it also somewhere you can let out any frustration or knowledge you feel like getting off your chest ,writing them gives me piece of mind so refreshing👍

  7. These are top tips. Reader interaction is crucial. Have a relaxed stance like a conversation with a friend is a great approach x

  8. I use my blog as a diary and like to think it can be warm, but there are always occasions where something you say could be misconstrued

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