How to Cure Jet Lag

Flying into a totally different time zone can make your internal clock go haywire. This will make you end up feeling extremely tired when you arrive at your destination. But don’t worry, it’s just jet lag.  Your body is trying to find its foot in the new time zone.

Although I love travelling, nothing destabilizes my day like jet lag. When I have jet lag I feel tired all the time and my routine goes out of balance.

Over the years I was able to discover new ways to shake off the jet lag and carry on with my day in peace. So, for all the travelers out there, here are some of my handy tried and tested tips that will help you get over jet lag.


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Tip #1: Prep Your Mind

As you fly into a new time zone you need to make sure that you are consciously prepared for the change in time zone. This will help your body ease into the time zone and trick your mind into thinking that it has always been in the same time zone.

When I’m on the plane, the first thing I do is to adjust my watch to the time zone of the country I’m traveling to. What this does is to make me conscious of the time zone of the country I’m going to.

So when I look at my watch and see that it’s sleeping time, I immediately start preparing myself to sleep on the plane. This gets my body in tune with its normal routine. I end up feeling less tired that way.


Tip #2: Mind the kind of food you eat on the plane

Since jet lag makes you very tired, then you should help your body by eating the right kind of food that will help your body adjust to the change in time zone.

Before you order your food on the plane check your watch. Is it getting dark where you’re going to? Then tuck into a carbohydrate rich meal. Carbs make you fall asleep faster. But if it’s still bright where you’re headed, then avoid food that will make you sleepy. Opt for a protein rich meal on the plane so that you’ll have more energy and stay awake longer.


Tip #3: Connect with the earth

This is by far one of the strangest cures to jet lag I’ve ever heard. However, as strange as it might seem, many travelers swear by its efficacy. And I assure you it works.

When you’re experiencing jet lag, take off your shoes and place your feet on the earth (grass in the yard, sand on the beach, etc). Just connect with the earth.

What this does is to discharge the positive electrons in your body with the negative electrons in the earth. This method is called “earthing”. Since you spend a lot of time in the air when traveling, the healing properties of the earth will miraculously wipe out the jet lag from your system.


How do you cure jet lag?

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  1. I just got back from travelling and I am so exhausted and feeling sleepy at work. I wish I had known about connecting with the earth portion.I am hearing about that for the first time. Now I know.

  2. Great tips – I haven’t been anywhere far enough to cause jet lag in a few years, but I remember how hard it is to adjust!

  3. I am really lucky that I have never really suffered with jet lag – I am one of these that just powers on through though, whereas the kids suffer more as nap at the drop of a hat

  4. Gosh, hate jetlag. We usually travel a few times a year (mainly for business) and it’s really stuffs us up, thanks for the tips – especially about carb-loading, can definitely get on board with that!

  5. I’ve been to San Francisco a couple of times to work and was just there for a couple of days each time. It wrecked me both there, and when I got back! I’d make a terrible jetsetter!

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