How to plan a great weekend trip with kids

We love travelling and creating memories as a family. Which is why we try to explore our surroundings as much as we can, and travel internationally at least twice a year. So vacations and a weekend trip is always on the radar. We are yet to go anywhere this year for many reasons. However, travel is still on the cards. We just need to get organised and get a holiday booked (we are usually so last minute on travel related plans for many other reasons but we are getting better).



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We have been on a few trips within the country this year. Our first trip was to Birmingham for 2 nights for new year. Then we visited Chelmsford Essex in February for a weekend away. And we spent the spring break in London and Essex. We were there for 2 weeks exploring the cities, and it was a lot of fun. I am kind of a mini guru when it comes to planning a weekend trip with kids. My twins are 5 years old, and we have been travelling around and outside the country since there were babies. So I kind of know what to do when it comes to comes travelling with children.


Here are some of my tried and tested tips –


Plan your trip well in advance

I am a very organised person, which is why I like planning our trips before we go. I always have a packing list so I don’t leave anything behind. There is also another list; I usually call this list the itinerary list. This itinerary list contains our plans for the actual trip. So places we plan to visit, prices for attractions, alternative attractions, travel routes, and so on. That way I know what to expect and I prepare myself and the kids for it. Planning in advance also allows me space out our activities so we are not too shattered. This preparation usually helps our trip go really smoothly.


Book child-friendly accommodation

When booking a hotel for our trips, we ensure we pick a child-friendly accommodation. So spacious rooms with beds for the kids is a must. A hotel with good internet connection, restaurant, room service and concierge to help with the luggage. I also like great customer service, which is why I make sure to check Trip Advisor’s website for reviews. That way we don’t get any nasty surprises.


Involve the kids

I make sure to get the kids involved in our trips. They know well in a advance where we are going and we plan to do there. I also get them involved in packing before the trip and activities while holidaying. I find that getting them involved gets them all excited and keeps them well behaved.



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Have snacks and entertainment ready

I never leave the house for hours with the kids without snacks. Having snacks and some form of entertainment while out and about with children definitely helps. My crossbody bag comes in really handy for popping little snacks in, especially when we are on the move. They definitely make our trips go


Stick to the routine

We try to stick to our routine as much as possible when holidaying. Sometimes it is not possible at all to do so, but we try our best. Routines are so important with young children, and they help them behave better. Which is why we try to stick to ours when on holiday. Children thrive on a routine, so it is important to implement this even when on vacation.


Do you have any tips for planning a great weekend trip with kids? Please share your tried and tested tips in the comments section below.



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  1. It’s always nice to include the kids when planning for a getaway with them. When it comes to my younger brothers, you just have to include them so that they can decide on the destination. Otherwise, they won’t come along…unless you really convince them like crazy!

  2. My kids are grown now, the younger one is 13 and a weekend getaway with them is easier than it was when they were younger. You shared great tips which will help the mom with young ones.

  3. For me I try to plan interactive events. And I try to do something different every weekend. Much depends on other factors. But basically finding different things to do all weekend try to throw in a playdate or two along the way.

  4. I don’t have kids but I do occasionally babysit. These are useful tips to ensure everyone have fun but also that it’s done smoothly. Children experiencing life is just as important. Thank you for sharing these tips!

  5. Really great tips! I always definitely have to find places that are kid friendly. If my kids aren’t having fun than I can’t have fun as well 😀

  6. great tips for traveling with kids… staying on routine saves vacations from family getting cranky and too tired to enjoy the adventure!
    I have to work more on the planning in advance ; )

  7. As much as possible, I take my kids in a place where they can socialize with other kids. I want them to meet new friends and explore different places. I let them enjoy and learn as well at the same time.

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