The Chanel Fashion Show Runaway Crasher

I saw the funniest clip on Twitter earlier today. It was a Chanel fashion show , and from nowhere, a lady climbed the runaway and joined in on the catwalk. I laughed so hard, I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was the funniest thing ever. Maybe it was a dare or something, because it made no sense why she would do such a thing. She looked ready to get on the runaway as well with her Chanel looking black and white tweed suit and hat. The lady came prepared. You can watch the short clip of the show here and see the Chanel fashion runaway model crasher in action.


fashion runaway model image


The fashion runaway model dream is a reality for many. I know many people who have pursued a career in modelling and got to work with some fashion designers. It is obvious this runaway crasher had it on her bucket list. The look of victory and determination on her face was unmissable. Kudos to the model the crasher jumped in front of. She kept her cool and carried on with her walk . Well done to her and the other models that didn’t even blink regardless of the massive distraction.

The security looked too shocked to deal with the situation, and who can blame them. It is not every fashion show you get a runaway crasher! They were running around helplessly but thankfully Gigi Hadid came to the rescue and got the runaway crasher off the runaway before she could cause anymore damage.



For those who want to know, the runaway crasher has been identified as a 28-year-old French YouTuber and comedian named Marie Benoliel, who also goes by Marie S’Infiltre. I bet she is happy with the amount of attention she is getting from this stunt. The whole internet is talking about her.

I found it hilarious and it was good to see Anna Wintour thoroughly enjoy herself. I have never seen her laugh before. It was my little entertainment online today so I thank her for that and thanks to Gigi Hadid and other models for saving the Paris Fashion Week Show.




Staying motivated when you work and school from home

I have been working full time from home for almost 6 years now. It has been a life changing experience that has taught me so much about life, work and people in general. Many are still not used to the idea that people can make a full time living wage working from home. I got my own fair share of dealing with these sort of people, but I think they are now used to the idea. However, from this October, I will also be studying from home alongside working. I decided to go back to university for a completely new degree – Psychology at The Open University. So I will be working and studying from home for the next 3 years at least. Many wonder how I will be staying motivated while I do all these from home. That question promoted this post.


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Staying motivated when you work and school from home

Doing anything from home isn’t easy. The home is your safe zone with lots of distractions, so you usually have your guard down. Which is why many struggle to do anything serious from home. While work or study, when you can chill on the sofa watching Netflix, or curl up in bed and just relax. It can be tricky to work or study from home because the home can be too relaxing to get anything done. So the way I look at it is different. I can’t do anything about how relaxing and homely my house is because I need it to be that way to function. Which is why I work on myself rather than worrying about the distractions.


I stay grounded

Me being grounded means I remember the reason why I am working or studying from home, and that reason keeps me focused and motivated. I need to work from home in order to be the kind of mum I want to be for my kids. They are at the stage where I feel I need to be present, which is why working from home works for us. I work while they are in school and I take any free hours I get after they are tucked in bed in the evenings and during the weekends. Since I am going to be studying as well, I will be sharing the free hours between work and study.


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My personality helps

With my busy life, I hardly have free time. I do make out time to care for myself because that is really important, but I don’t have as much free time as others because I am juggling a lot. The truth is I am fine with limited free time. I am not much of a social butterfly even before I got married and had kids, so much hasn’t changed in that area. I rather stay at home and watch a movie then go partying for example, and that has always been me. This personality makes it easy for me to work and study at home because I don’t feel isolate, or feel like I am missing out on something.


At the end of the day, it all depends on you and what what you want out of life. It also depends on your passions and relentless you are in pursuit of them. I don’t really have to motivate myself to do any of these things, they come natural to me. Which is why I always say don’t go with the crowd, do what works for you.

Do you work or study from home? Do you do both like me? How are you staying motivated? Let’s chat. Drop me a comment in the comments section. Thanks for stopping by. Have a lovely day.


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