4 Ways To Feel More Comfortable Sharing Your Voice

*Collaborative post.

Whether you are thinking of starting a blog or a YouTube channel, or you’d simply like to start speaking up about issues that matter to you more, you need to get comfortable sharing your voice. Below you’ll find 4 ways you can feel more comfortable sharing your voice: 


Speak Slowly And With Purpose

As well as being sure of what it is you’d like to say, make sure you take your time. Take breaths, and don’t rush what you’re saying. Make sure you pronounce each word, and try not to say things that discount the statement you’re trying to make, such as ‘ but I don’t know…’. Avoid filler words too, such as ‘ah..’ and ‘like’. 

Practice makes perfect, so practice with the people you’re close to. You could even film yourself making a speech and critique yourself, or ask somebody you trust to help you. 


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Practice New Habits

Make small changes at a time so they turn into habits. For example, to begin with you could focus on sharing your ideas in meetings. You could also practice by asking questions, and even giving feedback. You’ll be out of your comfort zone at first, but these things really help. 


Work On Your Writing Skills

Just like with any other skill, your writing skills will get better the more you practice! Start a blog, or even just a diary. 


Become More Assertive

Assertiveness is a great trait to have if you want to share your voice. The infographic below can help you!


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36 responses

  1. Hey Stella, how are you? Long time no speak! I need to feel more comfortable sharing my voice! Thank you for this post and you are rocking the suit!

  2. Public speaking has never been easy for me. I always get goose pimples when called to speak in a gathering. Your tips are helpful and I need to start following them. Thank you very much.

  3. I have always preferred to stay in the background. And I have always hated the sound of my voice as well as asserting myself so it was hard to use it. I am slowly getting better though. One day at a time.

  4. Love this!!! I started my blog to grow my voice a few years ago! It’s a great way to discovery yourself and get in the practice of sharing. It can be risky for some to share their views and opinions. However through blogging, I’ve become more comfortable putting myself out there and learning that as long as I am ok with what I have to say, then all is well!

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