Why we don’t celebrate Halloween

Today is Halloween and the excitement is definitely in the air for many. We are on holiday as it is half term here in the UK, and the kiddies are having an amazing time. It is great to unwind and take a break from our regular routine. This is the last holiday we have until Christmas, so we are making the most of it. I will be writing about our half term fun and all what we got up to in a bit, but for now, it is all about why we don’t celebrate Halloween. The twins get excited about Halloween because they hear about it from the world somehow and they get to see houses decorated. So naturally they have asked questions about Halloween and why we don’t get to celebrate it.


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No right or wrong

There is nothing right or wrong about celebrating Halloween. It is a pagan holiday – All Hallow’s Eve (Nov. 1), that has now become quite popular in the western part of the world, and brands have cashed in on the popularity. However, I don’t believe in celebrating a holiday for the sake of it. It should have a meaning and I have to believe in the meaning to celebrate it. The meaning of Halloween is pointless to us  and we don’t see why we should take part in it. Which is why we don’t celebrate Halloween. I could work with brands on Halloween related collaborations like I have done in the past if I believe in the message and if it is fun to do, but it is not a celebration I acknowledge. If I have to do jobs like that, I put my on spin on it and I do it as long as it does not affect me personally. So no pumpkins here, no Halloween decorations or trick or treat. It is just a normal day for us.

The twins have come to understand that and they no longer question why we don’t celebrate Halloween. Being around people crazy about October 31 can be draining sometimes, but it is not something they question anymore. I have nothing against Halloween or people who celebrate the day. There’s no right or wrong way of looking at it. It is just down to my personal taste and choice.

Do you celebrate Halloween? Do sound off in the comments section below and have fun celebrating or not celebrating the day.

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  1. I used to when the adult youngsters were children. I have gone totally off the idea as the years have gone on.

    Our local church has an opposite event which they call “LIGHTS” People are invited to bring there children dressed in clothes of light, goodness and love.

    They play games and get a goodie bag. Its well attended. We only had 1 trick or treat the other night. I think the craze isn’t as popular now

  2. Hey. We have never celebrated Halloween. My son is 8, he has a ton of costumes he wears all year lol. I don’t give my child candy….that’s actually the main reason. But he doesn’t even care. This past halloween we went to see addams family. So do what you feel, we as people with our own minds aren’t obligated to celebrate anything. As a matter of fact, we make our own special days in our house lol

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