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Halloween is almost here and we can smell it in the air. Eveywhere I look, I see something “Halloweeny” and it feels cool. While growing up, we never celebrated Halloween. It was one of those things we saw on TV and I didn’t quite understand the hype. It is just one of those celebrations I think is massively commercialised, but it is fun for many grown ups and kids, so it is worth talking about. I am kind of into it now, well sort of..

I published a Halloween Makeup Look this time last year and I remember it being fun to create. I messed about with my wigs and makeup bag contents and came up with this look below.

Scary Halloween Makeup


I was going for a proper spooky look and I think nailed. It was a collaboration makeup post for a brand and my look was the spookiest of all, lol.

I see many beauty and lifestyle bloggers creating various Halloween makeup looks and I thought to share a few Halloween beauty tips that have worked for me –


Make Use of What You Have in your Makeup Bag

I didn’t buy any new makeup for this look. Although I was initially contemplating buying some colourful palettes. I decided to save money and make use of what I had in my makeup bag. So the whitish look was created with my MAC Pro Longwear Concealer. The green you see is my green MAC Eyeshadow to go with the green contact lenses I had on. The dark lips was created using my Rimmel Eyeliner.


The Spookier, the Better

I applied many layers of makeup to ensure my look was very spooky. Halloween is all about the spooky looks and that is what I love about it. So go all out with your Halloween makeup. Get the layers on!


Take it Off

Take off the many layers of makeup as soon as you can to avoid breakouts and other skin issues. I would recommend you make use of a face wash to ensure every trace of makeup is wiped off. Ensure you apply a nourishing moisturiser right after to soothe your skin.


Read Blogs/Watch YouTube Videos

If you are lacking inspiration, go on blogs and Youtube channels for some Halloween insoiration. There are many looks about now so I am sure you will be inspired by a couple.


Halloween Makeup


Go Dark

And if the scary Halloween makeup looks are not right up your street, just go dark. A natural makeup with a dark lipstick is all you need.


What do you think of Halloween in general? Are you a fan? Do you go all out with your Halloween Makeup? Sound off in the comment section below, let’s chat.

Thanks for reading and have an amazing weekend.



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  1. I used to be a fan when mine were young. Keep a bag of sweets by the door for the annual knocking. When it’s all gone, that’s it. Just dont answer the door.

    We used to have some fab parties for Halloween incorporating the children and adults. One of the last one’s I did with them (I took some parents kids with us too) was to dress them and others as The Adams family, with a hand made for The Thing,

    Uncle Fester, wore stocking on his head to make him look bald. My youngest was only 3 at the time and still using his buggie so we put him in a striped pj’s and drew a little moustache on him so he looked liked Baby Adam’s.

    It was a fab night. It went down really well and the youngsters made a bomb as it was different.

  2. I love your eye make up in that second pic! I’m a bit gutted this year that my daughter is still terrified of all things Halloween related – I was looking forward to going all out with it. Still, there’s hope for next year! 🙂

  3. You look fab I am going to show this my daughter she has a party and can’t decide what to wear or be this lookms great.

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