Has Instagram taken over fashion blogging?

Since the Instagram showed up, life on the web has never been the same. Instagram has pretty much taken over the whole world. It is like we have all gone mad for the gram! Back in the early days of my blogging, fashion blogs were fun to follow and keep up with it. I had a few fashion bloggers I really liked and they inspired me to create my personal style posts. However, many of them have now abandoned their fashion blogs and only focus on their Instagram pages. Which brings me to the question behind this post – Has Instagram taken over fashion blogging?


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I have had a love and hate with Instagram from the start and it is because it is the fakest social media platform ever! The fakery is so annoying but I need to have a presence on them because it is so popular at the moment. If I had my way, I won’t even bother with the social media platform, but my feelings with Instagram tend to change on and off, so who knows how I feel about it next year.


Has Instagram taken over fashion blogging?

It is sad to see Instagram has fully taken over fashion blogging. The fashion blogs I fell in love with many years ago are hardly updated these days. All they do is post their outfits on the gram and who would blame them. Blogging takes a lot more work and effort. It is a lot easier to just post images on Instagram with a brief caption and hashtags. They don’t have to worry about SEO and all the other blog related issues. Promoting their images on Instagram plus their following is sure to get them a lot of engagement on their posts and if all that fails, they can easily cheat their way. This is not the case with blog posts so it is easy to see why fashion blogs are now neglected and attention is now firmly on Instagram.


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I do miss the good old days though. The days were fashion blogs were fun to watch. I could check on my bookmarked fashion blogs and get daily dose of fashion inspiration. Personal outfit posts and fashion news were my favourite kind of posts to read. These blogs taught me some of the things I now know when it comes to being a better blogger. It is sad to see these blogs are all gone. It would be nice to bring back the good old days of blogging.

Change is inevitable and we have to embrace it. It looks like Instagram is here to stay and it has changed a lot over the years as well with more changes scheduled to unfold. Change is part of life and as bloggers we have to embrace new social media platforms that are popular with the general public. The one thing I won’t ever do is neglect this part of the web though. Social media platforms come and go. They are free to use but can be taken away any minute. That thought keeps me grounded and focused on those things that really matter.




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  1. Good for you Stella! In the fast world we live in everything is about the quick hit, the quickest way to a profit which is awfully sad (said in the old fashioned way)

    I have followed your blog for many years now. I came to you in support of a subject you were struggling to know how to deal with at the time, as you know.

    When we forget our roots it can be the downfall of us. Insta and the like, used for quick hits and cash is not personal.

    Blogs are far more personal when handled and run well aa you do. There is nothing personal about Insta. It shows your persona being happy with the route your are in, which is strong and personable.

    I do use Insta, like you, through my hobby. I am not one for gramming pictures of my adult children or Grandchildren for protective reasons. I post memes and travel photo’s.

    You have a great blog, you work hard at and it is one of a very few I read regularly. If I am honest its the only one I read on a weekly basis. Your blog is imformative.

    Because you do regular posts your email is in my inbox two or three times a week at least, which keeps you firmly in my mind

    • Glad you love the blog and thank you for reading it regularly. I still remember the first post you read and commented on many years ago.

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