How fashion shopping will look like post lock-down

I do most of my shopping online and I have done so for many years. It is a lot easier for me to shop online and have my items delivered. I am still learning how to drive, so moving around isn’t the easiest. However, even if I could drive, I would still prefer shopping online. Going from shop to shop is draining even when I am fashion shopping alone. So my shopping life won’t change at all post lock-down. I will continue shopping online whenever I can. However, for those who love shopping in the stores, window shopping will change once the shops open here in the UK. I have gotten a few emails from various stores and I can picture the changes already. Many people have taken to online shopping as expected, and I believe the demand for online shopping will carrying on increasing even after the restrictions have been lifted because of the ease and convenience.

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No changing rooms

Changing rooms may likely not be back in most stores post lockdown for many reasons. It would be harder adhering to social distance rules with changing rooms. I was never a fan of changing rooms. There is a whole post about how I hated using changing rooms back in the day. So I won’t be missing this hight street feature when it becomes unavailable. One thing I wonder about is how returns will be carried out post lock-down.

Hand cleaning stations

In some of the emails I got, hand cleaning stations will be introduced all over the stores. There will likely be a hand cleaning station at the entrance of every store and all customers will have to disinfect their hands before shopping.

Limit to number of customers in the stores

There will be a limit to the number of customers that will be in a store at every given time. This should be expected to stick to the social distancing rule or it will be impossible to shop the sales rack for example and keep your distance.

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What do you think of these post-lockdown measures for fashion shopping? Do you see the trend for online shopping carrying on post-lockdown?

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  1. Like you I did the majority of my shopping online pre lockdown. That hasn’t changed obviously. If anything its gone up. I wont be going back to physical shops either for very much

    Hairdressers and spa is about it for me anyway. I think it will continue to rise too. People have found out now that you can get pretty much everything online bar your done cut.

    Well I suppose if you want to risk cutting it yourself there are many streams of how too. Not for me. I have hated having to colour my own hair this lockdown period. Needs must! I am NOT growing older gracefully 😉

    I’ve learnt some new tricks in lockdown on beauty. I shan’t be going to the spa anymore for waxing. I can do that myself.

    Reflexology etc. I will have too as doing it yourself is not the same.

    I think the only thing you will see a stampede too when it’s over is the hairdressers. Believe me the toilet roll saga will have nothing on the millions of us booking hair appointments. I certainly think they will be making up the money they have lost quickly

    • Yes the hairdressers will be very busy once the lockdown is lifted. They will make all the money they have lost for sure. Thanks Carol.

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