The healing power of dance therapy

A lot has been going on everywhere, the chaos in the land has made this lockdown experience even harder. I stay away from the news as much as possible but I usually catch headlines on social media. My online work means I can’t stay away from social media as much as I would like, but I do take days off every now and again. I plan to take more time off social media. A whole day off all social media platforms every week will be amazing. I had a social media detox not too long and I really liked how I felt the whole day. The fear of missing out and addiction to the smartphone is what keeps me scrolling on most days but I really should stay off the internet some more and do other things. Dance therapy is one of my favourite things to spend time doing now.

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The healing power of dance therapy

In my quest to find my happy place, I have fallen in love again with dancing and I am so loving it. I used to really like dancing growing up but I fell out of love with it for some weird reason. Dancing keeps my energy moving and it keeps me fit, plus it allows me move to some of my favourite tracks. It is a good way to exercise. Self care is a big one for me now. A lot is going on and it is super easy to forget about your needs and wants, while focusing on everything else. Dancing allows me spend time caring for myself and feeding my inner child; she loved dancing.

Dance involves the body, mind and emotion, which is why it is a powerful way to self-care. It promotes general wellness by strengthening the immune system through movement. I feel instantly energetic after a good 30 minutes session. Dancing to African beats are the best for me. You can easily catch me moving to Tiwa Sawage, Davido, Wizkid, Adekunle Gold and the likes. Another great benefit of dancing is the increased sense of vitality. It literally awakes and renews energy. Research has shown that dance therapy can improve moods, decrease depression, and strengthen self-esteem.

I now have multiple dancing sessions in the day and it has really helped me in many ways. If you feel stuck and want to try a new way of keeping fit, you should try dancing. You may find yourself looking forward to your dance therapy just like me.

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