3 Quick Ways to Dress More Feminine

If you are interested in how to dress more feminine, you are in the right place. It is super easy to embrace your feminine side and bring it into your fashion and style game once you know how the main tips. We sometimes get carried away with the busyness of the world which doesn’t necessarily encourage feminine outfits, especially if you work in the corporate world which is mainly dominated by men. A feminine wardrobe allows you play with textures, colours and more girly designs. Keep reading for fashion and style tips if you are interested in creating a more feminine personal style.

3 Quick Ways to Dress More Feminine

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Shop for Feminine Accessories

The easiest way to dress more feminine is to add some feminine accessories to your wardrobe. Some of my favourite accessories are headbands, belts, scarves, and the likes. You can easily look more feminine just by adding a colourful belt like the lovely model above has done. Headbands are my daughter’s favourite accessory and it is because they are so girly and pretty. You can a headband with a bow or flower, or you can tie a scarf for a more dainty touch.

If you are low on budget and can’t afford to really go all out and shop for new pieces, just make do with some bright coloured accessories.

Go for Colourful Pieces

Shopping for colourful pieces is another quick way to create a more feminine capsule wardrobe. The more colourful, the more feminine, so you may want to steer clear of dark and monochrome colours, and go for more brights instead. Obviously you are not going to walk around looking like a rainbow just to appear more feminine. Instead you will be blending more colourful pieces together that look good. Colours like purple, pink and bright blue are considered feminine colours.  So a bright blue skirt would look lovely paired with a light pink blouse, and black heels.

Choose Well-fitted Clothes

To look more feminine you would want to wear clothes that are well-fitted. There is no room for ill-fitted or baggy pieces. You would want clothes that fit you like a glove. If your clothes are too baggy, it would hide your body, and if it is too tight it would distort some areas.

Do you prefer to dress more feminine? Apart from wearing dresses and skirts, do you have any other tried and tested tip to share?



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  1. I’ve just started in the last year wearing dresses. I had always been, jeans, leggings, nice trousers etc. I had a few dresses for holidays.

    I don’t know why I suddenly found myself wearing dresses more and more. I love the dresses with some stretch lyrca/Jersey in them as it gives comfort and better movement.

    It maybe cos I haven’t been abroad the past 2 years, or/and I’m reaching another stage on my life journey.

    I do know I never realised how easy it is to get ready wearing dresses. I’m still not much into skirts though. I love with a block colour dress how much I can dress it up or down.

    I’ve invested in an expensive petrol coloured rock chick leather jacket this year and it works perfect sign the new look.

    I’d never thought I would see this day. I was always a jeans and top girl when the children were young. I’m even wearing this style when I’m looking after the grandchildren on my weekly nana sitting day. So comfy, less hassle and easy to wear

    • Oh lovely! I am more into dresses than skirts too! They are easy to wear and style. I think it is the rise of the feminine that is aiding this transition for you, me and many others.

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