5 Benefits of Having a Blog

In a world where other forms of content marketing are becoming popular, blogging still remains one of the most beneficial forms of content marketing. Statistics shows that out of the 1.9 billion websites in the world, more than 600 million are blogs.

This suggests that blogging remains a viable means for brand awareness and an integral part of every business marketing strategy.

In this article, we explore some of the many benefits of blogging to keep you informed.

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1.   Generate Leads for your business

Having a blog for your business can prove to be rewarding. 80% of bloggers report that blogging drives results. For this reason, whatever your marketing goals are, blogging is a sure way to get you there.

Furthermore, report from Brightedge shows that 68% of all online experiences search with a search engine. It’s no news that optimising your blog for SEO can help your page rank faster and get easily noticed by your ideal customers, who become leads and eventually paying customers.

2.   Improve Brand Awareness

Every single second, google processes over 99,000 searches. This suggests that people are always asking questions and these queries can relate to the product or services that your business provides.

Since 77% of internet users read blogs, creating content around questions people ask about your business is a great way to take advantage of search queries. When your business blog pops up every time a question in your niche is asked, your brand is perceived as an authority and resonates more with your target audience.

3.   Increase Search Traffic

Blogging is an SEO strategy and SEO thrives on several factors which are easily infused into blog posts. Since blog posts are created with specific audiences in mind and are written in a way that appeals to these buyer persona, optimising it can ramp up your SEO efforts.

Some on page optimisation best practices includes, adding competitive keywords, using visually appealing images, catchy headlines as well as proper formatting.

Once your SEO efforts begin to yield results, you’d typically record an increase in your website’s search engine click through rate.

4.   Curating a Newsletter List

Newsletters are becoming increasingly popular as a report from Content Marketing Institute reveals that 31% of b2b marketers shows that email newsletters are the best ways to nurture leads.

Asides naturally being a means to support blogging efforts, blogs are one of the best ways to get prospects to sign up.  Look at it this way, when your brand is known for creating quality content, audiences would naturally want more. What better way of having this content delivered to them than signing up to your newsletter.

5.   Blogs are marketing assets

Since blog contents are usually longer in terms of word court, they are a readily available option for social media contents. In that they can easily be repurposed in different formats to support marketing efforts.

Also, sharing useful blog contents on your social media pages is a proven way to divert traffic to your website and this helps reinforce your SEO efforts.

Blogging is a gold mine. Asides from the obvious prospect of increasing revenue, it’s a proven way to drive traffic to your website. It also  reinforces your brand in the mind of your target audience and positions your brand as an authority in your niche.






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