30 Before 30 Tag Fashion Blogging

30 Before 30 Tag

Here are some of my blogging goals I will love to achieve before I am 30.

  1. Explore all the fashion cities; Newyork and Milan are at the top of my list.
  2. Meet fashion designers I admire; meeting Karl Lagerfeld or Michael Kors will be fantastic.
  3. Meet fashion bloggers I look up to; meeting Amber from Forever Amber or Catherine from Not Dressed As Lamb will be incredible.
  4. Get a DSLR. My current point and shoot camera needs a rest.
  5. Learn to use the DSLR properly.
  6. Attend international fashion shows
  7. Finish my e-book.
  8. Read up more fashion and beauty books.
  9. Read up more blogging books.
  10. Start off a fashion business.
  11. Invest in some pieces and accessories.
  12. Do some vlogging; looks like that is the future.
  13. Get my picture taken by a street photographer.
  14. Discover more fashion and beauty bloggers.
  15. Have a solo mini photo shoot just for the blog.
  16. Become a Photoshop and Lightroom professional.
  17. Attend a blogger event/workshop.
  18. Write for a fashion magazine and or its blog.
  19. Appear in a fashion magazine.
  20. Keep working on Fashion and Style Police.
  21. Design a piece.
  22. Go for a press day; need to find time for this.
  23. Attend a makeup course.
  24. Make friends with more bloggers.
  25. Get some vintage pieces and accessories.
  26. Attend  TV talk show.
  27. Join blogger networks.
  28. Be more active on social media.
  29. Go into a Chanel store.
  30. Keep being me.

I have a some years to achieve all these. Wish me luck.


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