Beauty Blogs I Love Reading

As a beauty blogger, I am forever reading beauty blog posts and I have discovered amazing beauty blogs along the way. Product reviews and makeup tutorials are always interesting especially when I trust the beauty blogger and keen on the products involved. I wrote about fashion blogs I love reading the other day, and I am happy with how the blog post is doing. Good to know many people are interested in finding quality fashion blogs.

Here are some of my current beauty blogs I love reading –


What Emma Did

What Emma Did image


I have been read What Emma Did for many years now, and I love the blog. The beauty category is my favourite part of the blog. What Emma Did is run by Emma, and she covers beauty and a variety of niches. I love her detailed product reviews and makeup/skincare tips. She is also a makeup artist and her makeup always good. Her blog is one of my favourite UK blogs.

You can check out What Emma Did for yourself. It is an amazing blog.


Forever Amber

Forever Amber image


I have been reading Forever Amber since 2012 and I am a huge fan of her writing tone and photography skills. Forever Amber is a lifestyle blog but one of my favourite categories on the blog is the beauty section. I love her product reviews, and I like how honest she is. She is one beauty blogger I completely trust when it comes to product recommendations. Amber definitely knows her stuff when it comes to beauty blogging.

You can check out Forever Amber here for yourself and tell me what you think.



Thou Shalt Not Covet

Thou Shalt Not Covet is another beauty blog I really enjoy reading. I have read this blog for many years now and the quality content keeps me coming back. The blog name was the first thing to catch my attention. It is quite catchy and the content is amazing. I enjoy reading the beauty posts especially the fragrance features. I find them all really interesting.

You can check out Thou Shalt Not Covet here for yourself and share your thoughts with me.






Where I Get Inspiration for Blog Posts

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I have been blogging on Fashion and Style Police for over 6 years now, and it has been an amazing experience. Many people wonder how I manage to run a blog for this long and publish new posts regularly. I think it comes down to my genuine love for writing. Writing is my creative outlet and my happy place. I can’t see myself not writing. It is not a chore for me at all, and that explains how I do it. Another question I get a lot is where I get my inspiration for my blog posts. I see inspiration everywhere and I tap into it.

My inspiration comes from different places – my children, books, blogs, social media, tv series/movies, magazines, in life settings, and everywhere in between.


Autumn Fashion Image



Where I Get Inspiration for Blog Posts


The Kiddies

I get a lot of inspiration from my twins. They keep me very busy and I enjoy watching them explore the world around them. They give me inspiration for my blog posts especially posts for Kids Section Category on here. It is amazing to see the world through their eyes and I am enjoying every bit of parenting them, even when they make me repeat myself every minute.


Kids Fashion Image


Reading Books

Reading is my favourite thing to do. I love reading non fiction books on my Amazon Kindle and I am currently on a read a book a week challenge. I have read 12 books already this year, and I get a lot of inspiration from the books I read. The book I have just finished is A Pocketful of Holes and Dreams by Jeff Pearce. I finished reading it yesterday and I gained a lot of insight from the book.


Amazon Kindle Picture



Social Media

Social media is full of inspiration. I learn something new everyday on my social media platforms. It does feel like information overload sometimes, but if you mute the noise, you get a thing or 2 from them. Social media itself is an inspiration. All the platforms are very inspiring in their own way.


Other Blogs

Other blogs inspire me. I enjoy reading different types of blogs, from fashion and beauty blogs, to parenting and travel. Lifestyle blogs are my favourite because the posts vary and they cover a variety of topics. I can find myself scrolling some blogs for hours. It is amazing how creative bloggers are. One of my favourite Lifestyle Blogs from the day I stared blogging until now is Forever Amber. She covers all various topics and I find her writing style and photography amazing.



To be honest, I hardly read magazines these days. Back in the day, I read a couple of magazines each month, from Cosmo to Glamour. But nowadays I only find myself reading my Boots free magazine. Maybe because I am forever reading a book, and there is no time to actually a magazine. But I still get many ideas from reading the only magazine I do read. Magazines are full of inspiration.


TV Series/Movies

I am not usually a TV person, but I do enjoy watching a couple of TV series like Call the Midwife, Married to Medicine, Real Housewives of Atlanta, The Mummy Diaries, and many more. Watching movies on Netflix/Amazon Prime is another way I unwind in the evenings, and I get inspiration from what I watch.


Netflix image


In Real Life

Inspiration is everywhere I look. I am inspired everyday as soon as I set out. It could me spotting a lovely outfit, or a well made up face. I could get inspired from a conversation I am drawn into or I overhear. It could be anything really.


There is a thin line between getting inspiration from someone/something and copying. Every creative should be aware of this invisible line and be sure not to go over it.


Where do you get inspiration from?

A Niche Blog or A Non Niche/Variety Blog?

When I started Fashion and Style Police in 2012, I had only one niche in mind – Fashion. I wanted this blog to focus more on my personal style. So I took pictures every morning before going to work, showing off what I had on, and I wrote my posts in the evenings after work. After many months of blogging on purely fashion related posts, it started becoming a little bit boring, it became a routine. So I gradually introduced beauty, lifestyle and blogging posts and I have not looked back ever since.

I like a bit of  variety. It keeps me alert. I like scrolling through a blog and reading posts on fashion, beauty, personal style, lifestyle, blogging and even parenting. I enjoy reading variety or non niche blogs than niche blogs because I can type in the url and I can’t say for sure what the latest post will be on. I can narrow it down, but I can’t be certain, and I kind of like the uncertainty. Call me crazy bu I get a kick out of it. It is like flipping the pages of your favourite magazine knowing the regular features but not the exact topics in the new month.

Fashion Blogging

Many bloggers set up various blogs for various niches. I wonder how they cope with their many blogs because I could not cope with a second blog I set up last year purely for reviews. I just could not focus on running two blogs, Fashion and Style Police won in the end and the other blog I have not visited nor published a post since last year August.

I know some people prefer writing and reading niche blogs. (Just check out the comments in this post). I wanted a blog that will enable me WRITE and I wanted to be able to write on fashion, beauty, blogging and lifestyle on the same blog without any restrictions.  You won’t see me writing about food, technology or pets for example because I have no interest in those topics.

As long as the topics have a strong, common theme, it is OK to have a variety blog. I see beauty, fashion, blogging and lifestyle topics as having a common theme for a loosely defined audience. I do not see beauty, fashion, technology, parenting and food as having a common theme, or maybe it s just me.

Creating a multiple niche blog opens more doors to various opportunities as I write on various topics, various brands in different sectors will be interested in sponsoring posts, giveaways and reviews on Fashion and Style Police, which is a plus. I know many successful multiple niche blogs like Cupcakes and Cashmere, Coco’s Tea Party, Forever Amber and many others, so it is very possible to be successful as a multiple niche blogger as long as you have a common theme.

Also, I write for myself first before my readers. I know some say the reverse should be the case but I find that posts I write from my heart and for myself have more views and more engagement so it is a win-win. Just check out my evergreen content.

Now over to you. Do you prefer reading/writing Niche or non niche blogs? Sound off in the comment section.

Thanks for reading. I look forward to reading your comments.

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