A Niche Blog or A Non Niche/Variety Blog?

When I started Fashion and Style Police in 2012, I had only one niche in mind – Fashion. I wanted this blog to focus more on my personal style. So I took pictures every morning before going to work, showing off what I had on, and I wrote my posts in the evenings after work. After many months of blogging on purely fashion related posts, it started becoming a little bit boring, it became a routine. So I gradually introduced beauty, lifestyle and blogging posts and I have not looked back ever since.

I like a bit of  variety. It keeps me alert. I like scrolling through a blog and reading posts on fashion, beauty, personal style, lifestyle, blogging and even parenting. I enjoy reading variety or non niche blogs than niche blogs because I can type in the url and I can’t say for sure what the latest post will be on. I can narrow it down, but I can’t be certain, and I kind of like the uncertainty. Call me crazy bu I get a kick out of it. It is like flipping the pages of your favourite magazine knowing the regular features but not the exact topics in the new month.

Fashion Blogging

Many bloggers set up various blogs for various niches. I wonder how they cope with their many blogs because I could not cope with a second blog I set up last year purely for reviews. I just could not focus on running two blogs, Fashion and Style Police won in the end and the other blog I have not visited nor published a post since last year August.

I know some people prefer writing and reading niche blogs. (Just check out the comments in this post). I wanted a blog that will enable me WRITE and I wanted to be able to write on fashion, beauty, blogging and lifestyle on the same blog without any restrictions.  You won’t see me writing about food, technology or pets for example because I have no interest in those topics.

As long as the topics have a strong, common theme, it is OK to have a variety blog. I see beauty, fashion, blogging and lifestyle topics as having a common theme for a loosely defined audience. I do not see beauty, fashion, technology, parenting and food as having a common theme, or maybe it s just me.

Creating a multiple niche blog opens more doors to various opportunities as I write on various topics, various brands in different sectors will be interested in sponsoring posts, giveaways and reviews on Fashion and Style Police, which is a plus. I know many successful multiple niche blogs like Cupcakes and Cashmere, Coco’s Tea Party, Forever Amber and many others, so it is very possible to be successful as a multiple niche blogger as long as you have a common theme.

Also, I write for myself first before my readers. I know some say the reverse should be the case but I find that posts I write from my heart and for myself have more views and more engagement so it is a win-win. Just check out my evergreen content.

Now over to you. Do you prefer reading/writing Niche or non niche blogs? Sound off in the comment section.

Thanks for reading. I look forward to reading your comments.


30 Before 30 Tag Fashion Blogging

30 Before 30 Tag

Here are some of my blogging goals I will love to achieve before I am 30.

  1. Explore all the fashion cities; Newyork and Milan are at the top of my list.
  2. Meet fashion designers I admire; meeting Karl Lagerfeld or Michael Kors will be fantastic.
  3. Meet fashion bloggers I look up to; meeting Amber from Forever Amber or Catherine from Not Dressed As Lamb will be incredible.
  4. Get a DSLR. My current point and shoot camera needs a rest.
  5. Learn to use the DSLR properly.
  6. Attend international fashion shows
  7. Finish my e-book.
  8. Read up more fashion and beauty books.
  9. Read up more blogging books.
  10. Start off a fashion business.
  11. Invest in some pieces and accessories.
  12. Do some vlogging; looks like that is the future.
  13. Get my picture taken by a street photographer.
  14. Discover more fashion and beauty bloggers.
  15. Have a solo mini photo shoot just for the blog.
  16. Become a Photoshop and Lightroom professional.
  17. Attend a blogger event/workshop.
  18. Write for a fashion magazine and or its blog.
  19. Appear in a fashion magazine.
  20. Keep working on Fashion and Style Police.
  21. Design a piece.
  22. Go for a press day; need to find time for this.
  23. Attend a makeup course.
  24. Make friends with more bloggers.
  25. Get some vintage pieces and accessories.
  26. Attend  TV talk show.
  27. Join blogger networks.
  28. Be more active on social media.
  29. Go into a Chanel store.
  30. Keep being me.

I have a some years to achieve all these. Wish me luck.


Ten Fashionable Links


Fashionable links is a new weekly series on the blog and I will be linking back to ten fashionable links that have inspired me. Here are this week’s top ten fashionable links:

1. NYFW Day 4 by Glam and Glitter-

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3. A Change Is As Good As A Rest by Forever Amber –

4. See Rita Dominic As The Face Of Cosmetic Brand Zaron by Bella Naija –

5. Weekday Wardrobe by Cupcakes and Cashmere –

6. Vintage by Ella Mo –

7. My Style: The H&M Trumpet Skirt by Coco’s Tea Party –

8. New York (One) by 9to5 Chic –

9. More Blue Carpet Photos From Elite Model Look Nigeria Event by Linda Ikeji –

10. Essentials by Wish Wish Wish-

Happy reading.


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