Beauty Blogs I Love Reading

As a beauty blogger, I am forever reading beauty blog posts and I have discovered amazing beauty blogs along the way. Product reviews and makeup tutorials are always interesting especially when I trust the beauty blogger and keen on the products involved. I wrote about fashion blogs I love reading the other day, and I am happy with how the blog post is doing. Good to know many people are interested in finding quality fashion blogs.

Here are some of my current beauty blogs I love reading –


What Emma Did

What Emma Did image


I have been read What Emma Did for many years now, and I love the blog. The beauty category is my favourite part of the blog. What Emma Did is run by Emma, and she covers beauty and a variety of niches. I love her detailed product reviews and makeup/skincare tips. She is also a makeup artist and her makeup always good. Her blog is one of my favourite UK blogs.

You can check out What Emma Did for yourself. It is an amazing blog.


Forever Amber

Forever Amber image


I have been reading Forever Amber since 2012 and I am a huge fan of her writing tone and photography skills. Forever Amber is a lifestyle blog but one of my favourite categories on the blog is the beauty section. I love her product reviews, and I like how honest she is. She is one beauty blogger I completely trust when it comes to product recommendations. Amber definitely knows her stuff when it comes to beauty blogging.

You can check out Forever Amber here for yourself and tell me what you think.



Thou Shalt Not Covet

Thou Shalt Not Covet is another beauty blog I really enjoy reading. I have read this blog for many years now and the quality content keeps me coming back. The blog name was the first thing to catch my attention. It is quite catchy and the content is amazing. I enjoy reading the beauty posts especially the fragrance features. I find them all really interesting.

You can check out Thou Shalt Not Covet here for yourself and share your thoughts with me.






35 responses

  1. I do read ”Thou shall not covert” from time to time. I hadn’t heard of the other two. I have bookmarked and will go take a read in the week when I have sometime

  2. Thank you for sharing your favorites. Even if I don’t usually wear make up or buy clothes that often, I love reading beauty and fashion blogs too. These women are really good at what they do and share their passion in a very engaging way. I will be checking out these three blogs today.

  3. Thanks for sharing them. Looks like they are enjoying what they are doing too so I am happy for you guys Continue to inspire more people with your posts.

  4. Haven’t read through any of these beauty blogs yet but I do read a lot of them plus watch their tutorials.I’m Team Beauty Bible especially because they share such amazing skincare tips too.

  5. That’s a nice list of beauty bloggers. There are so many beauty bloggers out there. It is hard to find which one is best. I like gaining the makeup and fashion knowledge. I will check these girls’ blogs.

  6. Oh, nice! I love beauty blogs especially if a blog is a mix of beauty products reviews, fashion and lifestyle. I admit that those ladies are very inspiring so thanks for your advice to follow them 🙂

  7. What a lovely thing to put a list of blogs you love! I haven’t checked out any of these so thanks for introducing!

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