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As a fashion blogger, I am forever reading fashion blogs. It is always a joy when I find a fashion blog with great content. I can read such blogs for hours at a stretch and not be bored. Especially when the blog has been around for years. There are always so many beautiful outfits to look at.

Here are some of my current favourite fashion blogs –



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I have been reading Moji’s blog for years now and I love her content. Her fashion blog category is filled with amazing outfit ideas. She has a great sense of fashion and a good eye for stunning pieces and accessories. If you are after lovely outfit ideas, you need to check out MOJ IN TOUCH for some style inspiration. She is definitely the Style Queen!



The Fashion Engineer

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I have been reading Sayedero’s blog for many years now. Her blog has evolved over time but her content is always a refreshing read. I love her stylish sense of fashion. She knows what looks good on her and has the confidence to style anything and make it look amazing. I enjoy reading her blog – The Fashion Engineer. You can check it out for fashion inspiration and much more.


Somodishly Chic

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Somodishly Chic is one fashion blog I really enjoy reading. I have been following and reading Sade’s blog for many years. Her personal style is so cool. She is effortlessly stylish. Her outfits are always on point and she makes it look dead easy. I love whatever she puts on. She slays on every style post. You can have a look at her style on her amazing fashion blog – Somodishly Chic.


I Want You To Know

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This is another fashion blog I really like. I Want You To Know is run by Kristabel. It is one of the first Fashion Blogs I discovered in my early blogging days. I love her quirky sense of fashion. It is so different from what you see around and I like it. Her personal style is a breath of fresh air. You can check out her blog for some outfit inspiration.


In My Sunday Best

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I have only just discovered this blog thanks to a link I found on Kristabel’s blog, and I love it. In My Sunday Best is run by a pretty lady called Sade. I have been busy scrolling through her blog, and I love her style category. The photography on the blog is amazing and her outfits are well put together. You should check it out!


Do you enjoy reading fashion blogs? I also cover beauty on Fashion and Style Police, so I will be sharing beauty blogs I enjoy reading in a bit.

Thanks for reading, commenting and sharing. Have a great week.


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  1. Thsnk you for your recommendations. I especially like the sound of “I want you to know” As you know I love quirky so shall head for a look.

    Dont worry Stella I won’t forget you. I have been reading yours for some years now. TBH, yours is the only one I do read regularly equals every post thats comes in my inbox.

    I look forward to the beauty ones too

    • Not surprised you like the sound of the blog. It’s great. I will be dropping the beauty ones soon.

  2. Yellow has been trending this year and it’s happy color. I like the last two pics . Pink one looks good. The gold one is a piece I haven’t seen it anywhere and looks great .

  3. These are good suggestions. I like looking and reading fashion blogs because I really admire women who are so confident with themselves and it shows in the way they dress. I will check out these blogs today.

  4. Nice list you got in here. Its always a good way to see more styles and keep track on the things that might inspire you.

  5. I’m so interesting to read fashion blog because I’ve learn something about wearing fashion I will definitely check all of these list that you mentioned thanks for sharing!

  6. Thank you for introducing us to some fabulous fashion bloggers. I will keep my eye out fro their newest posts!

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